7 DIY beauty home remedies your grandma always talked about that actually work

by Mansi Kohli

Try out these age-old home remedies as a part of your daily beauty regime and see the difference!

As a child, you cuddled in her lap and snuggled in her arms, because grandma had that love no one else could match up to. In doing so, you felt her soft skin against your own, her lustrous bouncy hair over your face and the supple beauty she was resplendent with. What was her secret? Did she use special cosmetics and products for her hair and skin back when she was young? Why don’t we have such beautiful hair and skin to flaunt? The answer isn’t in commercially produced cosmetics and beauty makeovers, but in the fact that grandma always looked at her kitchen for beauty answers! The kitchen! Yes, DIY beauty remedies that really work and which grandma used, now unveiled to you. Take a look!beauty-home-remedies-17

1. Softer hands and feet:

Grandma always rubbed Vaseline on her palms and feet for a reason, and not just because she has dry skin, but because she wanted to keep them soft and supple. She rubbed a dollop of petroleum jelly onto her palms and soles of the feet every night and covered them for a while with a pair of socks. The petroleum jelly would soak into the skin and allow her hands to be naturally moisturized. This she did everyday, and never has cracked soles or dry palms to deal with.beauty-home-remedies-18

2. Lime face wash:

Grandma always squeezed a whole lime and used the concentrated juice with a dash of herbs, such as peppermint leaves or rose petals to create a nourishing pack for the face. She applied the pack and waited for it to dry, which also combated acne and other skin issues, and lightened her skin tone too. This she did everyday before her shower, and then followed a moisturizing routine.beauty-home-remedies-19

3. Sugar exfoliation:

No expensive treatments when it came to exfoliating the body; grandma used a tablespoon of sugar granules with her daily soap and did the needful. She mixed the sugar granules with the soap suds and gently rubbed her skin in the shower with the same. This she did twice a week to ensure that all the dirt, grime and the dead skin cells would be gone.beauty-home-remedies-20

4. Coconut oil facials:

Facials were simple and very effective back then; a tablespoon of coconut oil was warmed and gently applied on the face. Kneading and moulding massage techniques were then used with the fingers to help soak the oil into the skin. The skin was allowed to rest for ten minutes, after which the oil was gently washed off with warm water only. This is what grandma did once every fifteen days to balance the pH levels of the skin.beauty-home-remedies-21

5. Potato slices for dark circles:

Dark circles happen when you don’t get enough of sleep, don’t eat healthy and if the blood vessels under the eyes are constricted high. You can eradicate the dark circles with slices of raw potato placed under the eyes. Keep the slices on the area for around ten minutes and then remove them. Wash off normally and pat dry. This should be done thrice a week for best results to see.beauty-home-remedies-22

6. Silk pillow cases:

Why did grandma have only silk pillow cases to sleep on? Quite an expensive taste we thought, until we realized it was for her hair. Silk in comparison to cotton, doesn’t allow the hair strands to be pulled by the fibers of the fabric. This is why silk pillow cases were used around those days, and that is why her hair is so thick and bouncy even now!beauty-home-remedies-23

7. Bouncy strong hair:

A teaspoon of amla (gooseberry) powder and a teaspoon of coconut oil, mixed together and applied on the hair formed a great hair pack for grandma. The two when combined not only provided the best conditioning and nourishment for the hair, but also helped grandma evade hair issues, hair fall and dandruff too; premature graying as well.

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