5 Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup ideas for new mothers

by Mansi Kohli

For all you new moms out there who are looking for gorgeous and easy-to-try makeup ideas, read on for some simple tips!

Congratulations, on being a mother. This is surely a moment in life that cannot be expressed in words, and as a new-mother the feeling is way above what emotions can express. While the days ahead would be filled with nappy changes and baby feeding; ignoring your own needs on fashion and decking up shouldn’t be ignored. If you were told that as new-mothers you had to be low-key and ‘unstylish’, or else what would society say- we ask you to be your chirpy fashionable self and yet be a haute mom others enviously wish they could be. Read on as we show you five Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup ideas for new mothers – get ready to amp up the new-mommy scene!makeup-ideas-07

1. Place more emphasis on the right baseThe right base and foundation for the skin tone you have been born with and blessed with should be the number one way to flaunt your haute self, as a new-mother. Nothing speaks of utmost sensuality of a new-mother, than having the right natural look on the face as base. Choose foundation base that is closest to your skin tone, and always use setting powder with it to get that flawless haute look!

Zuri recommends: Loreal True Match Liquid Foundationmakeup-ideas-08

2. Invest in peach and nude lip stains: Lip stains for daily wear are better than lipsticks. To have the natural pinkish to peachy lips of the diva mommy, you now should invest in nude and peach lip stains. If you have thick lips, opt for lip stains that are not glossy or else the lips would look too chubby and pouty. For women with lips that are thin, the lips need to be corrected with a lip pencil in the same shade first and then filled in with glossy lip stain shades in nude to peach or pinks.

Zuri recommends: ELF Nude Nectar Lip Stainmakeup-ideas-09

3. Dark kohl for the eyes: What our Bollywood diva doesn’t forget to wear on a day to day basis, would be her kohl. The liner sits well in low key on her eyelids, with darkened lash lines and a winged touch sometimes. New-moms can play and notch up the beauty status quo a bit by winging the liner, or creating their own styles to wear everyday. Black and browns are the best to wear for the day, but if you are attending an event, play with blues and greens or a touch of shimmer too!

Zuri recommends: Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, Blackmakeup-ideas-10

4. Contouring the faceLet’s face it, the baby fat doesn’t leave most of us for a long time to come, which is why to make the face look slimmer, we shall use bronzers to contour the face. Once the base is set and before applying blush; take a contour brush and dab a stroke of bronzer from below the apple of the cheeks to the temples; smudge into the skin and do the same for the jawline to define the face.

Zuri recommends: MAC Sculpting powder in ‘Shadowy’makeup-ideas-11

5. Light blush for the cheeks: Don’t forget to add a dash of healthy peach to pinks for the cheeks to glow bright and nice in. If the face is too chubby, get the contouring done first, and then apply two strokes of your favorite blush to bring on a healthy glow to the cheeks.

Zuri recommends: MAC Pink Swoon Blushmakeup-ideas-12

We hope these five makeup tips to emulate the diva of Bollywood and to be a yummy mummy as her, comes in handy.



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