10 Fashion mistakes that make you look older

Don’t commit these fashion mistakes ever!

You are as old as you think, says an old adage. However, sometimes we knowingly or unknowingly dress to kill our fashion stance, and then wonder why people comment about our age. Most mistake us for being way older than we actually are, and that is not just because of the way we wear our hair and makeup, but also because of the way we clothe ourselves too. If clothes make a man, they define a woman too, which is why, we women have to be extra careful in choosing what to buy and wear. Not only that, we should also know how to wear what we choose to buy. So here are ten fashion mistakes that we should completely avoid, or else the world would think of us as ancient being in the modern age! Take a look..


1. Stop the skimp: You may have kept fit all your life and even now may flaunt a slender slim body frame, good going! However, skimpy clothing after a certain age does draw attention to your real age. You can style to look younger, which is amazing, but when you dress as a teeny bopper breathing through your late 30s and more; a blunder is born!


2. Choose the right eye framesSome of us may need eye frames, and we know they don’t make us look any younger. But when you choose the right frame shape, you can have the sexiest of look bestowed upon you. Who doesn’t want to be a hot librarian?


3. Layer carefully: If you are heavy on the bust line or on top, layers and cardigans can make your body look unappealing. This is because, they are oversized in most cases and lack structure or shape; creates bumps that makes the body look bulkier and aged too. Cropped jackets and coats are better options to wear to beat the chill!


4. Too tight not right: Ill fitting dresses are not advisable to wear and not even dresses that are too tight as well, because they look disastrous and don’t portray our real age too. If the dress is too big or too tight, your body would look frumpy and the same would be for dresses that are too loose as well; poor fitting makes the body look old!


5. Shoe stories: You have to be very diligent and wise when picking up footwear and shoes, which can make or break your look. Sandals are cute to wear, but can make you look old if worn with everything. You don’t need clunky soles always, so invest in a pair of heels for formal wear and cute shoes for the casual day out!


6. High mom jeans: It was a rage in the 90s, but that made a lot of women look double their age too. Peg leg and high waist jeans or mom jeans do not do any good to the fashionable stance you want to shell out. Ditch them please!


7. Bling thingAccessory wise, bling when worn minimally does wonders. It should be whimsical and subtle for daily use. From small to medium sized ones, and edgy geometric shaped ones too, choose your bling wisely!


8. Color power: Stay away from colors to wear that can be washing you out completely. Yellows and mauves especially can make you look older than what your real age is. Blues and reds if you notice are worn mostly by a lot of women, since it brings out a fresh youthful touch to their personas.


9. Choose your bra rightThe right bra size makes all the difference, because what you wear inside can make or break the look on the outside. Cup size matters, so not too tight and not too loose, or else the look is ruined.


10. Hair scare: Short hair is for matured women? Wrong! You have to speak to your hairstylist to know which hairstyle would actually best suit your age and persona. And one that would gel well with your face too- layers help make the face look round and nice and young as well.


Remember these ten tips and avoid fashion disasters ahead!



by Mansi Kohli


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