20 Winter Trendy Outfit Ideas For Women In Their Late 30s And 40s

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

This winter, older women have a reason to rejoice. Here are 20 trendy outfit ideas which are going to look awesome and stylish on you!

Women and fashion are inseparable, age definitely is not a binding factor. Though the style, color co-ordination and the look might change, older women can also look equally stylish as the younger lot. When picking up any outfit, it is important to understand your body shape and size. A flattering hairstyle with the correct makeup can make you look equally ravishing, what with the maturity of your years showing, which is an added bonus to your overall look.trendy-outfit-ideas-01

The winter season has its own charm when it comes to women’s clothing. Follow your heart, look at the current fashion trend and pick the ones that add an extra oomph to your style. Be sure to look stylish and sleek while looking smart as well. As women age, they become very insecure about how their bodies look. It is essential to understand what type of clothing suits your body. Instead of wearing tight fitting clothes, mix the tight and loose ones. A casually fitted jacket, top or kurta over a fitting pair of pants or trousers will give an elegant look.

Since it is winters, you can definitely opt for a layered look. Ensure the layers are fitted to your body and not too loose or tight. Be careful not to look bulky while adding layers to your clothing.trendy-outfit-ideas-02

While choosing colors, do not go for very contrasting ones. Choose a combination that flows from one to the other, otherwise the contrasting colors will draw attention to the wrong areas of your body instead of camouflaging them.trendy-outfit-ideas-03

Indian women have lots of variety to choose from. Trendy, knitted woolen kurtis with leggings, drapes and shawls, blazers, jackets and coats, trousers and jeans, silk, cashmere, velvet, denim and leather, the choices are innumerable.

From black and white to beiges or the bright shades of red and purple, from drapes to the fall of clothes that she wears, a woman in her 30s and 40s also wears her confidence and grace that her years of experience have given her.

So whatever you wear, the world is already at your feet ladies, just go for it 🙂





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