17 Beautiful mehndi designs for 2017 brides

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Top of the top and extremely beautiful mehndi designs of 2017 unveiled!

The great Indian wedding season is in full swing. Salons and parlors are flooded with brides and their relatives. The winter chill is on the way out. February sky is nearly visible with the sunny intervals and spring blossom. Mehndi artists have been busy decorating hands and feet of the to-be-brides in floral and heart shaped designs inspired by the upcoming month of love.beautiful-mehndi-designs-40

Zuri has handpicked the art which are not just an epitome of love, prosperity and seasonal theme, but these are also going to be a hit this entire year! From intricate to minimalist designs, some are already being adorned by the brides of 2017! So, let’s take a look.

1. Spaced out-yet-beautiful mehndi designs:

Wearing a spaced-out-yet-an-intricate design is like wearing an off-shoulder choli lehenga. Traditional yet modern! Besides, brides love to sport heavy art. Such patterns are made completely with the help of angular patterns and filled up with very intricate details, leaving some gaps and spaces here and there for a peek-a-boo feel. One should opt for black or red henna to enhance the design. You can also add glitter or certain embellishments for a jazzed-up look!beautiful-mehndi-designs-41

2. The gorgeous chakra (circular motif) motif design:

Most Indian traditional designs are focused around paisleys, bride-groom figurines, and flowers. However, with the Arabic art gaining popularity world-over, some of the most traditional Rajasthani and Marwari designs have also been getting a stylish twist. Take for instance this design (image below). In this, the traditional motifs like flowers are fused with the Arabic patterns. The beauty of it is the chakra in the center. Instead of a simple vine stretching from the forefinger to the back of the wrist, the area is instead covered smartly with henna.beautiful-mehndi-designs-42

3. Peacock gets a spin:

Indian brides are in love with the popular peacock motif. Whys shouldn’t they be? Afterall, the peacock has been dominating the Indian bridal mehndi scene for decades now. The design is kept simple without looking messy, making it ideal for every occasion. But, instead of the typical (age-old) peacock pattern and veil sheet design, you can ask your mehndi artists to stylishly draw the peacock. Check out this unique mehndi design and take your inspiration!beautiful-mehndi-designs-43

To all the to-be-brides of 2017, here is wishing you heaps of luck. Don’t forget to tell us which was your favorite design from our album 🙂



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