Top 5 Trendy Grunge Eye Makeup Ideas 

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Grunge is in and here is how to wear it! Theme inspired eye makeup ideas to sport this year!

We all have that one particular feature that we are extra kind with when it comes to applying makeup. With eyes, we normally don’t like experimenting. But altering your eye makeup can give you a whole new look in a jiffy. Chances are, when it comes to eyeliner, you’ve already got your own personal routine down—it’s easy to fall into the habit of doing the same old makeup look over and over again. Try something new – grunge eye makeup, for instance.eye-makeup-ideas-26

Grunge is making a comeback, so here are 5 trendy grunge eye makeup ideas that will change the way you look. One basic tip to remember is that the key to looking rock star chic is to not look like you’re trying too hard. So looking a little undone is all the rage. Go for black mascara and eyeliner, but keep the rest of your palette pretty neutral. Save the deep lipstick shades for surprise dramatic moments! Go ahead…pick your grunge.eye-makeup-ideas-27Grunge Eye Makeup Ideas —

1. Classic Grunge:

If there’s one technique that defines makeup as grunge, it’s the smoky eye. To achieve this smoldering look, you’ll need a dark eyeliner (either liquid or pencil, depending on how dramatic and thick you’re hoping to go), a smudge brush, a palette of shadows (mostly gray and black tones), and a dramatic mascara. Stay clear of color. Stick to black, brown or gray for both eye shadow and liner, with black being the best. Go for darkened, smudgy eyes that are still sexy. It also has an edgy pale that borders on sickly. The liner goes on the waterline and the lash line, and on both top and bottom lids. Load up on the mascara, and faux lashes in black can be added.

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2. Modern Grunge:

This contemporary modern grunge look is less edgy because it is pared down with a few browns instead of jet black. Put a touch of Vaseline atop each lid, all the way to the brow-line gives that greasy-eyed effect to augment the deep brown shadow. No eyeliner here on this one. A truly raw and edgy grunge effect–sleepless nights with sunken eyes. Nothing on your lips please!. If you just can’t bear the thought of being without some form of makeup on your lips, go nude, and only matte.

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3. Indie  Grunge:

Leaning a tad more toward punk rock, this version of grunge eye makeup is done with a sheer brown shadow that has elements of yellow undertones, your eyes will look grunge-sunken and sickly, like you’re a child of the night whose been forced to wake up during the daylight. Do the lips with a slightly glossy lipstick. These are some great eye makeup tips.

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4. Lower line Grunge:

Channel ’90s Grunge And Embrace Lower Liner. Forget that upper eye lid flick you’ve spent the last four years perfecting because lower lid liner is making a comeback. This is all about trying really hard to not look like you’ve tried really hard, and chasing that elusive dream of being naturally cool. Everyone’s got their favorite type of eyeliner, whether it’s a pencil, a gel or a liquid liner, and you can use them all to get the on trend liner look. Pencils or brushes, just make sure you choose the one you find easiest to work with.

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5. Add a little color:

Add a pop of color to the eye with aqua marines, greens or blues, to give grunge that modern twist. Colored liners provide that small, easy change that will make a big impact. For day, consider your eye makeup done (it’s all you really need), but if you want to bump it up for evening, add a shimmery eye shadow and black liner along the top. The best part is that jewel-tone picks will make any eye color pop. Plum draws out the color in brown and green eyes, but blue and emerald hues will do the same thing—it’s impossible to go wrong.

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More tips:

The tricky part made easy – just make sure you pick the look that’s best suited to your eye shape.

  • For small eyes: Avoid making the line too thick because it will make your eyes appear smaller. To make the eye appear larger line the waterline with a white or cream colored pencil.
  • For big, round eyes: You don’t want to make the liner too thick, as that will make the eye look rounder. Apply a line from the inner to the outer corner, following the shape of the eye, then go back and make the line thicker at the outer corner, from the outer edge to the middle of the iris.
  • For eyes that droop a littleDo the line from the outer to the inner corner, taking the liner up and out at the outer corner.




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