How To Do An Ombre Lip Makeup In Different Styles

by Mansi Kohli

Learn how to sport ombre lip makeup looks in very-many styles!

If you thought ombre was a tag best meant for hair coloring alone, or maybe the wall paint ideas you’ve seen around, you are so behind when it comes to the latest trends in makeup. What we are talking about here are ombre lips. So sexy, so haute, so stylish, ombre lips have taken the world of fashion by storm in 2017. We shall show you a couple of ideas on how to do ombre lips in different styles for sure, but before that, a tutorial is a must. Here goes!lip-makeup-01

Before that gather what Zuri recommends:

How to do lip makeup?

1. Step #1: Your lips need to be camouflaged well before you start. For this, you would need to have a concealer applied that is non-drying. This is because, the hue of red is very intense and you don’t want the lip color to move too much- bleeding especially can ruin the look. So use the lip concealer as recommended to get a natural tannish look and cover the lips up. Don’t forget the lining of the lips and the outer part of the lip line, so that no bleeding happens. This gives more protection to the lip color when you are on the go.lip-makeup-03

2. Step #2: When the lips are concealed well, this is when the black liner as recommended shall be used. The black liner should be safe to use on the lips, and you shall start lining the pout and the move on to the outer corners. This helps create a smooth gradient effect once the pop of colors are added in the middle of the lips. Choose a pencil which is non toxic and that which would not harm the lips or your internal system, should you ingest the product.lip-makeup-04

3. Step #3: This would be the final step; the coating of the lips in a classic hot red shade. We shall begin by shading the center of the lips first, and then moving towards the lining of the lips. Use a lip brush to do the same, and then with a blending brush, smudge the lining into the color of the lipstick used. For a seamless ombre touch, you need to make a clear smudged demarcation – where the edges of the lining meet the lipstick touch.lip-makeup-05

End with a touch of lip gloss if you have thin lips or let it just be for thick lips! You are ready. 

More ideas on ombre lips:

Now that we have told you how to get ombre lip makeup done in three easy steps, we are sure you would be super duper excited to try it on your own. Good going, and we are happy that the motivation has come through. To further help you, here are a couple of ombre lipstick ideas to try this spring and summer. We love vibrancy and quirky touches now and then, so why should there be any bars to hold us back. Enjoy!


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