Review – The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish

by  Aarti Kapur Singh


Vitamin C (provides healthy-looking, radiant, glowing skin), Glycerin (moisturizer), Walnut Shell Powder (scrub), Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Honey, Lemon, Mandarin Orange Fruit Extract.the-body-shop-satsuma-body-polish-01


The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish (Rs 650/- for 200 ml) is a tinted, translucent gel exfoliating foaming gel that smells citrusy and refreshing. The scrubbing granules of crushed walnut are fine, rounded (hence not harsh on the skin) and not packed too thickly into the fluid. The resulting scrubbing action is very mild and can be used on a daily basis. Being soapy, the body polish also lathers up well and is a super scrub-cum-body wash. It may not moisturize the skin per se, but it definitely does not dry it.the-body-shop-satsuma-body-polish-04


The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish not only has gentle exfoliating results, but the mild lather left my skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh. Citrus fragrances are, according to aromatherapy, great mood boosters and I love bathing with this in the morning. While it is not a moisturizer, the organic honey definitely does make the skin feel supple. Post use, there is absolutely no residue on the skin. Because it is not a heavy-duty scrub, the body polish may be used on a daily basis. Perhaps sometimes when you need a more heavy duty scrub, on the face too.the-body-shop-satsuma-body-polish-02


  • Multi tasks as a body wash
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Clears flakes and dead skin to reveal soft skin
  • Does not dry the skin.


  • Highly priced
  • Contains chemicals, especially sulphates – hence it is not 100% naturalthe-body-shop-satsuma-body-polish-03


Apply on damp skin in circular motion for a minute and wash off. Do not rub the body polish with force, just gently, or else the abrasive action could scratch the skin. Do remember to moisturize afterwards.

Zuri’s rating on The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish – 4/5


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  1. Nice review! I am still confused if the soapy texture combined with scrubbing action will make the skin overtly dry? Please tell me

  2. Just what I wanted! And these photos are so cool. Any other creamy scrubs that you like? Can we use bath salts that are scrubby in texture on the face sometimes?

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