3 Ridiculously Sexy Eye Makeup Styles To Sport This Wedding Season

by Mansi Kohli

This wedding season, must-try these three ridiculously sexy eye makeup styles!

If marriages are made in heaven, on earth we do the makeup. And since the wedding season is on and in full-swing, we are here to tutor you on 3 ridiculously sexy eye makeup styles to sport this wedding season. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? We also promise it wouldn’t be time consuming. Here are the three sexy eye makeup styles to wear this wedding season- as a bride, a bridesmaid or an attendee to your bestie’s wedding!eye-makeup-styles-06

1. A touch of Arabic sensuality:

There is always a sense of mysticism and beauty with Arabian women, and especially the eyes that are dolled up to finesse. This wedding season, a touch of Arabia it shall be. Start by washing the lids with a nude shadow and applying primer to the lids. The next step would be to take purple eye shadow and to smudge it into the crease line. The brow bone area should be decked with a shade of peach. On the crease line and at the inner corner of the eyes, rime the area with silver lining. This would make the eyes pop out. For rest of the eyes, a touch of shimmery bronze should be applied. Darken the eyes with two to three strokes of kohl. Wear your false eyelashes and wing the liner as you wish. Apply dark mascara and let the eye makeup set.eye-makeup-styles-07

2. A peacock aura eye makeup styles:

Most Indian brides love playing with colors, not only on their bridal wear but with eye makeup too. We shall look at the peacock eye makeup for weddings this time. Begin with applying eye primer on the lids, which helps with easy blending of the eye shadow. For the mid section of the lids, apply light pale blues, coupled with matte purples for the crease area- smudge them into one another for a gradient to smoothly form. For the brow area, use a shade of lightest yellow or peach to highlight, and for the lower lash line, a light shimmer blue shade shall form the focal attraction. Wear your false lashes and apply mascara. Tight line the inner lash line up and down with dark black pencil.eye-makeup-styles-08

3. Sunset golds:

For the lass that loves it loud and flamboyant at weddings, here’s a sunset eye makeup tutorial that you could use. Begin with a wash on the eyelids using a primer. The next step would be to first use peach shadow to highlight the area from the brow bone to the inner corner of the eyes. Once that is done, from the mid section of the eyes to the outer corner draw with a dark brown pencil a contoured soft V. Smudge the V inwards and then apply dark brown glitter shadow till the mid section- smudge again well. From the mid section to the inner corner of the eyes, wear shadow in mustard gold tones and smudge well. To pop the eyes, a touch of shimmer pink with the help of your pinky finger would do. Rim the lashes with heavy black mascara and dark kajal lining.eye-makeup-styles-09

Have fun!


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