16 Incredible Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

This Valentine’s Day, paint your nails in the color and motifs inspired by love. Presenting 16 incredibly cute nail art designs for your fingernails!

Valentine’s week celebrations are in full swing. There is a brunch party planned by your friend, which is followed by a date-dinner with your special someone. You are looking forward to receiving gifts, chocolates, flowers, and everything cute! So, how are you planning to look pretty? Has your hunt for a sexy outfit come to an end? Those peep-toes and that stunning hair-look? Have you finalized on it all? We guess you have. That’s why Zuri has now come to the final bit of your D-day prepping-up. That’s right, it’s time to ensure your fingernails are dressed up in an outfit which is a reminder of love. nail-art-designs-336

Here are 16 super cute nail art designs and ideas to take your inspiration from:

1. Quirky nail art designs:

Who says Valentine’s Day is only about red hearts set against a pink or white backdrop? Depict a bit of your quirky attitude through some of the most bizarre (yet cute) nail art designs such as this one! That adorable pink heart sets the tempo and gives a little hint of love. Isn’t’ that all you need to make him go crazy?nail-art-designs-337

2. Typically cute nail art designs:

Most of us can never let go of the old-fashioned heart-motifs. The regular hearts can’t get boring for our lovely personality. In fact, a touch of flowers will only make it appear overly-romantic. A dash of shimmer will add freshness to the overall look of your nail art design! However, if you are not in for just the regular heart-shaped design, then opt for negative space. Also known as cutouts, this designs on the fingernails are going really strong this year! So, girls- let’s go trendy and play cute for our date.  nail-art-designs-338


3. Anything other than pinks:

Let’s not stick to pinks if that’s what your mind is telling you! And why should you when there are plenty of other hot shades out there. Let’s go creative and clever with the color-scheme. Try out dark colors, such as blacks, midnight blues, and envious greens. Set the tone right by creating a cutout with a red heart. Heard of blue Valentine? You can also try out unique patterns and designs such as ikkat print, lipstick marks, nautical theme or a pair of swans! nail-art-designs-340

So, what have you decided on? Are you going to go quirky or try to be nice and subtle? In any case, have fun and don’t forget to get a perfect heart for your perfect date 😉


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