Must-Try Valentine’s Day Fashion Guide

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

Check out our Valentine’s Day fashion guide for a dressy look!

It’s a big day for some, for some it is just a wasteful, useless day. Whatever the feeling is, any excuse for dressing up and looking good is welcome. So when Valentine’s Day is just approaching knocking on the door, you can get set to look good either for that someone special or just a girls day/night out.valentines-day-fashion-01

So what do you wear and how do you look? Over-the top or a subtle look, dressy and formal or just casual? You can flow with the ongoing trend or create one for yourself. You can try the Valentines’ color theme of pink and red or go for the ones that suit your mood. Another option is to dress according to the time of the day when you have your Valentine’s date.

1. Lunch date Valentine’s day fashion:

If it is a lunch date you can go for something light and casual. Let it be comfortable and feminine. Go for softer hues. If you are taking a little break from office to be with your special someone during lunch as well, you can wear a formal but smart outfit with light makeup. Jewelry can be kept minimum. You just need to look fun, flirty and gorgeous.valentines-day-fashion-02


2. Dinner date:

For this one go all out to get dressed. Short dresses or long flared gowns, maxis and skirts – in the color that makes you feel just right. Since there is a little chill in the air, a stylish jacket will add more style to your entire look. Pay special attention to your makeup and hairdo. You need to look like a real diva in those soft restaurant night lights.valentines-day-fashion-04

3. Movie date:

A casual comfortable look will work here provided it’s just a movie date. A fitted jean with a super cool top is just the right thing here. Go for some fun chunky jewelry in the form of bracelets, ear loops and rings. An interesting handbag can add more style to your look.valentines-day-fashion-05

4. Night In:

A romantic night in with your partner is a good idea to spend your Valentine. Just the two of you in the comfortable surroundings of your home can give you more time just for each other without any external distractions. Make it more romantic by dressing up for the occasion. Go for an off-the-shoulder top with shorts. Minimal makeup with red lips will take your sensuality a few notches higher.valentines-day-fashion-06valentines-day-fashion-07

5. Valentine’s girls night out:

This is the perfect time to try out that much coveted dress that you think menfolk would certainly not compliment you upon wearing. Wear it and enjoy with your girl gang. Makeup and jewelry must be funk and junk all the way.valentines-day-fashion-08

Whatever style you choose for yourself, just dazzle and shine ladies

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