20 Romantic Henna Designs To Apply On Valentine’s Day

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Get inspired by these beautiful and romantic henna designs based on heart motif. Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2017 in style!

Who says you can only wear mehndi during weddings? Coloring hands and legs with henna paste can also be practiced to celebrate the occasion of love. This Valentine’s Day, decorate your hands with a stunning mehndi design which is sure to catch the attention of this one person you love so dearly.henna-designs-38

Mehndi is an expression of feminism and a signature of elegance. You can either go for an elaborate design or a simplistic one depending on the actual plans for the day. If it’s a night out at your favorite restaurant, you are bound to be dressed in a sexy outfit. With sparkling accessories, beautiful hairstyle and makeup that is perfect for the occasion, we would advice you to paint your hands in a subtle mehndi design. For a daytime, casual date, you could actually propose to your man by wearing proposal heart theme mehndi design!henna-designs-39

For Valentine’s Day, Zuri has handpicked 20 romantic mehndi designs for you. These are simple as well as detailed mehndi designs and ladies can choose from this beautiful range according to their preferences. From large floral patterns to Arabic designs to a lovely fusion of Indian and Arabic designs, be sure to celebrate the day of love with an awesome hand decoration.henna-designs-40

Designs focused or inspired by heart motifs are really trending this year. You can apply large floral patterns with the heart placed at the center of the palm. Or you could have a gorgeous floral vine running on the fingers with a heart-shaped ring (mehndi design) created on the ring finger.

To jazz up the look, you can use sequins, glitters, beads and other embellishments. Apply it on the outline of the heart or fill it up with the colored shimmer. You can choose the shimmer color which goes well with the outfit. If you are wearing an off-shoulder dress, then you can apply a sassy pattern on the arm (like an armlet/ bajubandh).

So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by these trendy mehndi designs based on heart-shaped motif with leaves, flora, peacocks, birds, human figurines, and paisleys in the backdrop.

Here is wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day in advance 🙂



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