Tuesday Poll #97 – Valentine’s Day beauty

This Valentine’s Day, find the beauty look that matches your style for the prettiest day ever!

Poll Tuesdays


3 or more A’s: You love the old-world charm of romanticism! However, a bit of the latest trend won’t harm much. Incorporate the trendiest techniques in your makeup look for V-day! Use liquid liner to get that classic cat-eye look, but also apply the hot burgundy/ruby red shade for those kissable lips. For your hair, try a vintage-voluminous updo which is a great fusion of the old and new world hairstyles.

3 or more B’s: You love Valentine’s Day for all the pink colors and pretty white lace. Celebrate this day of love by embracing your girly style with a pretty cream pink blush, do also try pink eye makeup looks. Candy-coat your smile by swiping on lipstick, then layering on a high-shine gloss in a matching hue. 

3 or more C’s: You are a trend-setter. A style-diva! But, a bit of a classic touch will amp up your beauty quotient. Instead of matte red lips, go for an edgy set of red lips. Rather than pumping up your look with a wild up-do, instead, opt for a classic chiffon. Spritz a texturizing wax through dry hair and tousle with your fingers.

What do you think?

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