How To Use Rose Gold For A Glam Smokey Eye Makeup

by Mansi Kohli

Sport different smokey eye makeup looks inspired by the beautiful color of love – rose gold!

Rose gold for the smokey eye makeup? Never heard of it till now, right? Well, this is the beauty of makeup- it reinvents itself and gives us ladies a chance to do better than what we are used to. And this time, we would like to add some spunk and shine using rose gold on the sultry smokey eye makeup we do. Make heads turn wherever you go with this versatile glam sham look. Here are five beautiful ideas to emulate, more so since this month is all about everything pink, hence- there would be many occasions to attend – so why not learn what rose gold eye makeup can do?smokey-eye-makeup-44

1. Chunky rose gold eyes:

For a party that runs late into the night, you don’t want to waste time rushing to the washroom for a touch up now and then. If that’s what you resonate with, we shall suggest the chunky rose gold smokey eye makeup. Simple to do, fast to wear and it lasts long. Bathe the inner to the outer corner of the lids in rose shimmer gold touches, blending it well into the skin. Apply two strokes of kohl on the upper eyelid, and false eyelashes for company should be used. Just below the brow bone, highlight the area with a peach shadow.smokey-eye-makeup-45

2. Smokey rose gold cat eyes:

The first thing you need to do is to apply primer for the eyelids. This helps smoothen the look and keeps the eye makeup for long. After the primer, the first coat of rose gold eye shadow should be dabbed from the middle to the inner corner and the outer corner of the lids. For the crease line to the brow area, use a peach shadow for highlighting; a dab of the same can be done to the inner corner of the eyes too. Wear your kohl in the form of a cat liner and smudge the outer tail section to contour the outer corner of the eyelid for a smokey eye makeup look.smokey-eye-makeup-46

3. A smokey shimmery rose gold touch:

To get the smokey shimmery rose gold touch, you have to use your imagination and creativity. The simplest way to do this would be to first use a peach matte eye shadow to rub on the base of the lids. After that, use a smudge brush to dust the shimmery rose gold pigment onto the lids. Blend it well, and touch the inner corner of the eyes with a pinch of white shimmer. Dark kohl on the upper and lower lids would be great to use. Helps create the sultry smokey eye makeup effect, when it is smudged into the eyelids.smokey-eye-makeup-47

4. Smokey rose gold prom look:

Proms are almost dates under supervision; so let us now use the smokey rose gold prom look with shimmer rose gold pinks and dark kohl. Begin by bathing the lids with a peach matte shadow. Upon this from the inner corner of the eyes to the mid section, dab the rose gold eye shadow and gently smudge into the eyelids. From the mid section to the outer corner, use a dark eye pencil and contour the outer section of the eyes in the shape of a soft V. Blend the darkened area into the mid section and wear your kohl. Embellish with false eyelashes.smokey-eye-makeup-48

5. Dramatic rose gold eyes:

To add a little more than the usual drama for your date night, we shall combine shimmer gold and rose gold in equal measure for the smokey eye look to come through. Just below the crease line is where the rose gold pigment shall be dabbed to form a curve across the lid. Below the curve, we shall dab a pinch of gold eye shadow and blend it upwards to reach the rose gold crease. For the brow section; peach matte toned eye shadow will do justice. Wear your kohl and dab the lashes with mascara for more drama around.smokey-eye-makeup-49

We did mention rose gold can be magical only if you know how to play with imagination and creativity, didn’t we? Here’s the proof!

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