5 Simple Makeup Tips And Tricks For An Even Toned Skin

by Mansi Kohli

For an even-toned, flawless skin, try out these awesome and really simple makeup tips and tricks!

Who on this planet is born with perfect skin so flawless that you could bounce a drop of dew on it? the answer is ‘none’! None of us have flawless and perfectly smooth radiant skin.

Even the ones that say they have, do have some form of skin bumps or lesions, wrinkles or acne hidden under foundation and makeup- so yes, none of us have flawless even skin. But to get the even tone look is not tough; we shall look at these makeup tips and tricks, the art of camouflaging and the science of makeup artistry to help us with the same. Read on and learn more.makeup-tips-and-tricks-24

1. Concealing for a flawless look: Let’s just say you have an important appointment and a very formal one that too to go to. Covering up in layers inside the room wouldn’t make sense, with clothes. What you could do is to wear camouflage makeup as in a concealer to help you mask the same. With that being said, this wouldn’t be your color correction palette coming to the rescue.

You rather would need to have concealer that would stay for more than ten hours at a stretch to save the day. The concealer should be natural looking, closest to your skin tone, hide the skin imperfections and even varicose veins as well. It should also have SPF in it, which protects the skin while you cover those flaws.

Zuri recommends: Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeupmakeup-tips-and-tricks-25

2. For the base: To hide the flaws on your skin and to keep the makeup intact, all day long, you would need the right primer to work with. This is a formula much needed that helps smoothen the application and keeps the skin looking seamlessly great too.

You would need a formula that doesn’t suck up the moisture in your makeup products, and wouldn’t make the skin look dry and flakey too. This is why, using an illuminating primer would make sense; adds a touch of brightness to the skin and works wonders for the spring wedding season too.

Zuri recommends: Tom Ford Illuminating Primermakeup-tips-and-tricks-26

3. Follow clown contouring: You’ve heard of the famous clown contouring technique, which is an all-in-one makeup concept that helps even up the toughest of facial zones- do the same for yours. Now here’s why it works- consistencies and the colors to be used would b different for each facial zone. And this helps cover the imperfections on the face better.

Green concealer for example would only be good to use on red issues, while orange can help with purple and blue issues on the face. Remember, different shades for different issues on the skin can be used and blended together with a beauty blender, over which a shade lighter for the foundation should be chosen to highlight below the eyes- helps pop the eyes out and makes the pair look bright and nice.

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4. To hide those wrinklesAs we age, our skin tends to get saggy and wrinkles would be the first signs to take note of. If you have been using heavy matte formulas to hide the aging signs, stop doing it right now.

This is because, your skin needs sheer hydrating formulas that make the skin glow and look vibrant, not the other way round. And if you need more coverage to help hide the blemishes and dark spots, apply your concealer first and then choose a silicone based foundation. Remember the rule here, the heavier the coverage, the more would the fine lines and wrinkles get attention,

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5. Don’t forget the CTMP rule: What is CTMP? Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting. What you need to do is to check your skin type and choose the right deep cleanser, toner and moisturizer along with SPF protection for the same. Do this twice a day- morning and night, and wash your face with rosewater if possible. This will help clean, tone and firm up the skin, protect it too- even skin thereby is a possibility. These are the most important makeup tips and tricks.

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Remember these five commandments and follow them religiously; you’d never have to worry about anything more!

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