Stunning Short Haircuts For Women Over 40

by Mansi Kohli

Stunning short haircuts for women over 40, which we think you should emulate! Take a look!

If at 40 you still think that a stunning haircut was meant for the teeny boppers and twenty something millenials alone, girl, you have got it all wrong. It is 2017, and this year happens to be the year of glamour and fashion. There would be many changes across the world of beauty, and hair is one of them so trending. We don’t want you to be left behind, which is why we want you to be stunning as ever, in your forties. Here are a couple of stunning short haircuts for women over 40, which we think you should emulate! Take a look!short-haircuts-for-women-01

1. Classy bobsIf you are too busy managing work and home, and yet want to look every bit glamorous and sexy in your forties, try the classic bob. Works well, low maintenance, shapes your face and brings a new reformed definition to your personality. You can color the hair with global touches, highlight the ends or lowlight the tips, or simply have balayage touches to the layers- the choice is endless for short haircuts for women!short-haircuts-for-women-02

2. Messy shagsWomen in their forties tend to have skin that sags, skin that can puff up or maybe a droopy jawline- blame it on the age. There’s nothing to worry about anymore, not when the right messy shags can work like magic for you. Layered and shags at the back, while the bangs in front are crumpled. An easy to wear look for work or when out with the ladies- try it!short-haircuts-for-women-03

3. The sleek mid partingFor women with shoulder length hair, straight and pokey or just straight- try the sleek mid parting which can be highlighted, ombred, balayaged or low-lighted to add more oomph to the personality you own. Wear the style to work, to the movies or maybe just for yourself; compliments would flow galore.short-haircuts-for-women-04

4. Square layersWith square layers as a hair cut, the definition is laid more on the jawline and the forehead- a softening effect comes through, and the length of the hair is not compromised upon. Square layers are apt for short haircuts for women, thick and wavy to straight.short-haircuts-for-women-05

5. Prominent star bangs: Star bangs helps define the softness of the cheeks and the forehead, and once you turn forty, somehow the receding of the hairline begins- get it stopped by altering the way your hair is cut and styled. Prominent star bang shaped fringes in front can define the face and make you look younger too.short-haircuts-for-women-06

6. The angled bobMuch on the lines of celebrity Victoria Beckham, the angled bob she once sported is back to stay in 2017. Easy to maintain and can be enhanced with lighter highlights, the angled bob can double up as a corporate look and can make fashion statements in the Indian scene too.short-haircuts-for-women-07

7. Puffed boycuts: A little longer than the pixie do, the puffed boycuts can be a fashion statement to wear and flaunt for women in their forties. If you are ever too busy to maintain hair, style it up with a snip and a cut from the crown to the radials of the scalp, and puff the hair with a vent brush. You are ready to hit work and the meetings, in five minutes or less. These are some great short haircuts for women. short-haircuts-for-women-08

8. Messy shag bangsWith a little mousse and a spray from the lacquer bottle, you are ready to flaunt the messy shag bangs whenever you want to. Perfect for women that are always on the go, socializing and attending work meets- a vent brush and hairspray sets the look in less than five minutes.short-haircuts-for-women-09

9. Short fluffy curls: Feminine at forty and you don’t have to hide that charm; not when the soft fluffy curls are screaming to make a statement. Crunch the hair with hair mousse and your fingers post a shower, and give it a light pat with a dry towel- you are ready for the day.short-haircuts-for-women-10

10. Ash pixiesGone are the days when the pixie cut was seen mostly in global blondes, reds and browns; 2017 wants the woman in her forties to play with sleek pixie cuts and in fashionable shades too- ash grays to purples and pinks! Take a pick!short-haircuts-for-women-11

Did you like these ten awesome stunning cuts to flaunt this spring? Do let us know!

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