25 Spring Inspired Nail Art Designs For A Bridesmaid

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Celebrate the fun of being a bridesmaid with these mind-blowing Spring inspired nail art designs!

Spring-time weddings are so much fun. The weather is apt, neither too cold nor too hot. It feels good to have shed all the layers. One can flaunt off shoulders or sleeveless in style. There are plenty of outfit ideas to choose from. Bridesmaid have absolutely no trouble sporting a cute floral lehenga choli for the wedding day or a cute little vintage themed dress. Nicely coordinated with a pair of sexy shoes, gorgeous hairdo, and makeup to amp up the beauty statement! The new season also brings with it the freshness of blooming flowers, floral scents filling up the porch area, those of jasmine, rose, marigold, and what not?nail-art-designs-352

So why not take some inspiration from this season’s newness? Wear pretty spring shades of floral elegance, quirkiness or shimmer. Here are 25 beautiful nail art designs for the bridesmaid. Look stunning on your best friend’s wedding. Show-off your freshly manicured hands which have nicely painted fingernails. Here are 3 main Spring theme ideas for your quick reference:

1. Hardcore floral: Try your hand at lovely lavender flowers, freshly-cut pink, yellow or white roses, poppy flowers, marigolds, chrysanthemums, and tulips. Let your hands become a garden full of flowers. They are sure to turn your pretty fingernails into a piece of art!nail-art-designs-353

2. A bit of quirk: Who says all those ten fingernails got to talk about just flowers? Let’s get a bit quirky. Try out polkas on one, broad lines on the other and geometrical patterns on the third one. Let the remaining two fingers wear flowers using the same color theme. You can achieve the desired effect by making use of just a toothpick at home or seek some professional help. Apply marbling effect for which you need two-to-three contrasting color, a dotting tool, some scotch tape (maybe).nail-art-designs-3543. Floral-cum-shimmery: Little golden dust, silver shimmer or any other colored glitter can never be harmful. Besides, it goes a long long way. Also, weddings are all about festive colors. So- paint one fingernail in a floral design and leave the other one for some glitter. You can also try out one of the trendiest things these days, which is an eye-catching shimmery manicure with the leafy accent nail. Just swipe of metallic polish for the super effect. If shimmer isn’t your thing, you may want to opt for neon instead!nail-art-designs-355

Girls! Are you ready to have fun? Don’t waste time. Throw a pre-wedding party get-together for the bride, call your friends over and paint your nails in hardcore floral designs or quirky ones. Let your nail art tell them all about the real you!





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