My Beauty Uniform: Nishtha Goel

nishtha-goel-01This 26 year old self-taught jewelery artist Nishtha Goel is as true to her art as she is committed to her au naturel beauty regime. As Chief Designer at Tripti’s Exclusive, that was started in the year 2013 as a dedication from a daughter to her mother, she creates stunning statement pieces of Polymer Clay jewelery. The brand recently participated in the Lakme Fashion Week and is known for it’s beautiful amalgamation of Indian design heritage with international quality raw material. The thing that sets her work apart is the basic feel of each of her creations, which are trendy, yet have a rustic and down-to-earth Indian touch to it made with immense love and passion! 

What is the most important thing you have learnt from your profession about skincare?

The most important thing that I have learnt about skin care is ‘to keep it hydrated’. We often get so engrossed in our work that we forget to drink enough water to keep our body and skin hydrated which is essential to have a naturally glowing and healthy skin. nishtha-goel-03

What is your daily skincare regime?

I only use handmade, 100% natural and vegan products on my skin.  I cleanse it at least 2-3 times a day with ‘What a girl wants’ facial cleanser by Burst of Happyness and follow it up with a few drops of ‘Eternal Facial Serum’ by the same brand. I also apply their ‘Clay-o-Patra’ face mask twice a week to detoxify my skin. And oh! without sounding like a brand ambassador of Burst of Happyness , I only use their handmade body soaps.

Has your beauty routine changed much over the years? 

It has! Earlier I was really carefree when it came to skin care so I never bothered about the chemical components present in various soaps and cleansers that I used to apply, despite the fact that my skin is ultra sensitive. This resulted in skin breakouts and pigmentation. Now that I am more aware of the requirements of my skin, I make sure I hydrate it and keep it clean and also use chemical free products. nishtha-goel-04

What did the women in your family—or any other important women in your life—teach you about beauty?

As clichéd as it may sound but every woman I have known around me has always told me that ‘beauty is not about how you look from outside but what you are made up of from within’. As far as beauty tips are concerned, my grandmother always told me to use ‘Ubtan’ on my skin at least every fortnight, as it is an effective natural product to remove dead skin and has the medicinal properties of turmeric which keeps the skin healthy. I follow that mantra religiously!

Do you have any natural cures for breakouts or any other skin issue? 

I have always applied ‘Neem paste’ on my skin whenever I have had breakouts and it has worked wonders for me. nishtha-goel-06

What is your most favorite makeup and skincare product?

I don’t apply heavy makeup so don’t have a favorite there. I am in love with Oriflame’s ‘Tender Care’ protecting lip and skin care balm. It is a must have in my list of beauty essentials. 

How do you style and care for your hair? 

I am blessed with natural waves, which require less maintenance. I wash my hair every alternate day and apply a thick coat of conditioning mask to keep them smooth and tangle free followed by a water based hair serum. As far as styling is concerned, I simply scrunch my hair when wet and leave them to dry and I am good to go.nishtha-goel-02

Do you have any tips or advice for de-stressing? 

Everyone has their own way of de-stressing. For me a good cup of fresh brewed coffee and soft romantic music does the trick. 

Who is your personal beauty icon and why?

My mother! You have got to see her skin and hair and you will know why! I wish I have half of her beauty when I enter my 40’s! 

Finally, what is your overall beauty philosophy?

‘Think positive and you will feel and be beautiful’. nishtha-goel-05

Thank you so much, Nishtha! 

(Photos courtesy of Nishtha Goel. Interview by Aarti Kapur Singh)

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