20 Sexy Fashion ideas to sport this Holi

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

After the long cold winter months, it is the first festival that you can enjoy without any worries. Take a look at some of these sexy fashion ideas for Holi

There might be a list of parties that you are invited to, or even you might be hosting one. Then what do you decide to wear, to look your sexy best. Definitely not your faded jeans and tee or that worn down dress! It is a good chance to show off some interesting bit of clothing while you soak yourself in the colors of Holi. But whatever you decide to wear, don’t ignore the fact that some colors may harm your skin. Flowing clothes or ones made of reactive material should be totally avoided. Sensible dressing is important.fashion ideas 09

In terms of colors, it is white that is the most favorite. Holi colors look good on white. You can combine another color with white if you like. You can also go for floral prints as they are a welcome change to usher in Spring after the bulky winter clothing. 

Take a look at some of these fashion ideas for Holi —

1. A white chiffon Saree

Nothing can beat this piece of clothing when it comes to dressing up and looking the hot diva that you want to be. Drape yourself in this one and see yourself getting the maximum attention as you get colored in all the hues of this festival. But make sure you are comfortable after getting drenched as the saree will cling on to you.fashion ideas 11

2. A white churidar anarkali dress

If it is your holi party and you want to be comfortable with the fashion ideas while you run around looking after the guests and also dabble in some fun from time to time, this one outfit will surely make you comfortable.fashion ideas 12

3. White salwar kurti

This one is another comfortable idea that will not trouble you when you are indulging in the water and color play. Go for good cuts and designs and a good fit.fashion ideas 13

4. Denim shorts with a white tee

This is a comfortable as well as a trendy fashion ideas. Since Holi is about having fun with family and friends, this can be ideal if you want to have a western feel.fashion ideas 23

5. Jeans and a white floral shirt

This combination is also good to make you look ravishing and comfortable at the same time. A knotted floral shirt gives a petite and feminine look.fashion ideas 22

6. A gujarati lehenga choli

Traditional and comfortable, a gujarati lehenga choli looks very sensual. It gives an elegant look. The choice for colors are many adding on to the mood of holi.fashion ideas 25

Whatever you wear, accessorize yourself well in comfortable footwear. Keep the jewelery to a minimum. Makeup should be done so that it helps in protecting your skin from the harmful colors. Don’t go for very complicated hairstyles. In fact tie your hair in styles that do not get tangled when wet.


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