6 Mistakes You Are Making While Purchasing Eye Makeup Products

by Mansi Kohli

Here are six mistakes we should avoid at all costs; take a look, get enlightened and do not repeat the same folly again

While we think we know it all when buying eye makeup products, sadly, we end up making the same mistake over and over again. For example, why would you get swayed by the salesgirl in picking up creamy shadows when your eyelids are oily? It would only create more trouble for you; blending the pigment onto the skin doesn’t come easy, which is why you should be very careful when choosing eye makeup products. Here are six more mistakes we should avoid at all costs; take a look, get enlightened and do not repeat the same folly again!Eye makeup products 01

Mistakes to avoid when shopping for eye makeup products —

1. Shop season wise

If it is summer and you know your eyelid skin color all too well, would you want to use the same shade of eye shadow for the summers? The answer is NO! This isn’t advisable, because while the sun beats down and if you use too many cool tones for the summers, your eye makeup products would look sallow and drabby. This is not what you want. Pick warm and light, not bright colors for the day, while for the evenings you can opt for bright and shimmery tones.

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2. Eye primer

For aging skin, an eye primer is a must because it has lines and crevices that can house the pigment and the whole eye makeup look would look cakey and patchy. Certainly not what you want! This is why, one should invest in a good high quality eye primer, which works for all seasons and all skin types, mature skin especially.


3. An eye serum

We tend to ignore the importance of an eye serum, but our eyelid skin needs constant hydration. DIY the same at home with cucumber on the lids, or else you could pick up an eye serum and apply it the night before, so that the skin stays supple and soft, and allows for easy makeup application.

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4. Don’t test the shades in artificial light

Sunlight is harsh, but the best judge to tell you if the shades you have chosen would actually compliment the eye makeup products or the skin tone you have been blessed with, or not. Take a swatch test and apply a little of the shadow, and then walk out into the sun. Click a selfie and then check if you like what you see- shopping without this routine is not advisable.

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5. Never pick only one makeup look for the eyes

Unless of course you are regularly going to try smokey eye versions because of the line of occupation you are in, picking up palettes catering to just one look wouldn’t be advisable. Look for an all-purpose eye shadow palette with a range of eye shadow colors, which you can pick and choose from.

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6. Read the ingredient list

What your eyelid skin doesn’t need is chemically induced eye makeup and shadows, which can do a lot of harm than good. Silicones and petroleum based products are NOT ADVISABLE to use, since the skin around the eyes are the most sensitive. Look for non-comedogenic products.

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We hope these tips come in handy!


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