3 Glamorous Makeup Ideas For An After-Holi Party

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

Though it will take time for all the color to disappear, you can opt for some different makeup ideas to camouflage it

The day will be spent playing with colors and water. To protect your face and body from getting deeply colored, it will be ideal to apply foundation properly all over your face, neck and ears. After all you also want to look your best for that after-holi party. Though it will take time for all the color to disappear, you can opt for some different makeup styles either to camouflage it, or use the existing colors to add more drama and style to the overall look.makeup ideas 13

Here are three vivid and bright makeup ideas you can try for the after-party :-

1. The rainbow look

After a proper coat of foundation, concentrate on the eyes. You will already have a layer of color leftover from the holi play, so taking the cue, use those shades that are already there. Start with the rainbow colors from the bottom of the eyelid, ending with pink on top. A cream based eye shadow should work best as it will help in camouflaging the holi colors better. To the inside of the bottom eye apply white kajal and a heavy coat of mascara will round off the eye makeup.

Do the same with your lips, starting with the indigo and blue at the inside of the lips and moving out to very thin lines of yellow, orange and red. You can leave out the blush on part as your cheeks might be already colored. You can just tone down the colors with the help of a concealer.makeup ideas 14

2. Bright eyes, bright lips with a bold blush

This is one of the most daring and gorgeous look you might want to indulge in this holi partyUse a medley of colors – pink, purple, yellow and gold eyeshadow – starting with the yellow and gold at the inner corners and moving on to the darker shades at the outer edges. A bright red lipstick with a bold blush will complete this daring look, making heads turn for sure!! And you will score all the points for this glamorous and daring look.
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3. Purple and silver mix with glitters

Another bright and interesting look that you can try for your after-holi party. After you are done with your basic coat of foundation and concealer, go for these gorgeous shades of purple and pink on the outer edges of the eyes, filling up the inner corners with silver. A thick layer of black eyeliner on the upper eyelid and an equally thick layer of purple glittery eyeliner on the lower lid will add all the drama to your eyes. Finish it off with a thick coat of mascara.

For the lips, go for a thick cream based lipstick and add silver glitter on top for the overall effect. Let the blush be nude to highlight the eyes and lips.makeup ideas 16

Hope you enjoy trying these makeup ideas. If there is something more that you have tried do write to us.


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