My Beauty Uniform: Preeti Seth

preeti-seth-02A women entrepreneur, nutritionist & cosmetologist by profession and having 16 years experience in the field of health and wellness, Preeti Seth decided to share her experience with the people through Pachouli. Her aim is to make Pachouli a ‘temple’ of beauty and wellness with purity, harmony and a passion that has branches all over Delhi-NCR.

What is the most important thing you have learnt from your profession about skincare?

I feel skin is the index of the body’s health. In fact, being the most important, and actually the largest organ of the body, it demands proper care and attention. One must take care of it in early stages of life or else we will ruin it irreversibly.preeti-seth-01

What is your daily skincare regime?

My daily skincare regime revolves around natural and organic products as I believe there is nothing better than the most pure ingredients to pamper your skin with. First thing in the morning, I wash my face with jeera water. Occasionally I also apply a mixture of potato juice and honey on my face to keep the skin supple and remove blemishes. I am rather committed to natural products for skincare and so I wash my face with a mixture of besan, curd and rose water.

Has your beauty routine changed much over the years? 

Yes it has changed to an extent as with my busy schedule. But as far as possible, I do try to consciously take out some to care for myself. I try not to ever miss the basic Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize routine. In addition, I never skip sunscreen. Also, to reverse and reduce the effects of ageing, I use a night cream from Vichy or Clinique on a daily basis.preeti-seth-03

What did the women in your family—or any other important women in your life—teach you about beauty?

Besides my mom, whom I always observed applying milk or milk cream and buttermilk on her skin, a good friend shares a lot of home remedies. One of the secrets she mentioned was to keep the lips looking pink and prevent them from chapping, one should apply mustard oil on the navel at bedtime. I swear by this tip!

Do you have any natural cures for breakouts or any other skin issue? 

We have a special face ritual at Pachouli which utilizes products from the kitchen to rejuvenate the skin. Other than that, the most basic, all-purpose face pack which solves a lot of problems is to a mixture of  a teaspoon of besan with two pinches of turmeric and adding some rose water in summers or milk in winters. Simply apply this on your face for 20 minutes and exfoliate gently with moist hands. It removes tanning, blemishes, spots, uneven skin tones and even scars, if used regularly.preeti-seth-04

What is your most favorite makeup and skincare product?

Everything from Vichy! And for makeup, I use Bobbi Brown for my base and M.A.C for my lip shades.

How do you style and care for your hair? 

Hair goes through so much of stress, wear and tear in daily life. For my hair care I truly believe in my mom’s saying of oiling them at regular intervals. I use a mixture of castor oil, almond oil and olive oil. I use a homemade concoction of mustard oil, cinnamon powder and curd as a fortnightly masque. This reduces hair fall and gives them strength as well.preeti-seth-06

Do you have any tips or advice for de-stressing? 

Oh yes! I firmly believe in the transformative and relaxing power of meditation. I truly feel that one must have a clear mind to be able to be a performer. So mediation is one thing which de-stresses me completely. Take out a minimum of 30 minutes to talk to oneself. No it is not weird, but you are indeed your own best friend and this kind of introspection brings a lot of things into perspective and gives you clarity on a lot of things.

Who is your personal beauty icon and why?

I really like these two divas – Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor. I like them because they have their own special brand of charisma and attitude.

Finally, what is your overall beauty philosophy?

Beauty is a combination of external and internal well-being. A beautiful person – who is happy from within will always have good skin – notice it! You look as you feel, so feel positive and happy and the glow will show on your face!preeti-seth-05

Thank you so much, Preeti!

(Photos courtesy of Preeti Seth. Interview by Aarti Kapur Singh)


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