Top 10 Nail Polish Colors To Try This Summer

by Mansi Kohli

Take a look at the best of ten nail polish colors that you should have this summer, and pick them up soon

With the summers around, we are excited. Why? The excitement is because the colors are going to be super vibrant, a mix of warm and cool, pastels and glossy, bright and chic. Don’t we just love summers more now, and think about the various nail art ideas that we can use as well. What you need is a vanity case full of the right nail polish colors to stash upon for summers 2017. 

1. A touch of powder blue

What do you get when a hint of turquoise and powder blue meet- the perfect shade of versatility to deck up your nails with this summer. Great for women with moderate skin tones to dusky and ebony hues, this is a nail color that brightens up the mood and speaks of eternal bliss for summer wear! SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Zuri recommends: Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel in Full HouseNail polish colors 22

2. Pinks and their vibrant coolness

Summers have to be fun and the sunshine should be crisp, but what about the shades of pink that cool things down? We need that too, which is why the vibrant coolness of pinks are a must wear for the summers this time. You cannot go wrong on this one girl! It is meant for the ‘ranis’ of India.

Zuri recommends: Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Indian PinkNail polish colors 23

3. We love our vividness, don’t we?

Talking about our love for vividness, our nails don’t need a reason to be extra sassy while the summer heat bashes on. This is why summers need to have bright and very vivid colors playing around and coloring the town. If you are bored of the reds and plums, think of the hot corals that would settle fashion thoughts once and for all.

Zuri recommends: Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Pure Color Long Lasting Nail Lacquer in Hot CoralNail polish colors 24

4. Let’s cool down a little

Too much heat and the plenty hotness around, phew! Let’s cool down a little with a touch of the cool watery blues, with lightness galore to match the sombre mood of the summer evenings. A cool light blue is what your nails need this summer!

Zuri recommends: NARS ‘Iconic Color’ Nail Polish in IkiruNail polish colors 25

5. Creamy orange

With summers beating around the sunshine jumping out of our pockets, wouldn’t a creamy touch on the nails do justice to spread happiness around? Sure it would, which is why a vivid orange crème touch is what we would look at this summer to wear for the evenings.

Zuri recommends: Chanel Nail Polish in Espadrilles

Nail polish colors 26


Need more options —


Burberry Nail Polish in Nude PinkNail polish colors 27

Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in WonderlandNail polish colors 28

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Pro in Pink CinemaNail polish colors 29

Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist in Mint JulepNail polish colors 30

 Maybelline Color Show Nail Color in Lavender LiesNail polish colors 31

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