Top 5 Eye Makeup Products To Use For Beautiful Black Eyes

by Mansi Kohli

We are here to display and show you the beauty of makeup and how it can accentuate the gorgeous black Indian eyes

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, let’s dress it up the best. Beautiful black eyes are the epitome of an Indian woman’s beauty status quo. With that being said, we are here to display and show you the beauty of makeup and how it can accentuate the gorgeous black Indian eyes.

For this we would need the right cosmetics and makeup products to deck up the gorgeous black eyes with. Take a look at the makeup products we talk about and the styles too, gain inspiration for the same and have a blast trying them at home. Remember, imagination and creativity is the name of the game here. Eye makeup products 08

1. Black kajal

There is always a mystical touch to eyes that are decked up in heavy dark rimming pigments. Black rimmed eyes are the trademark of Indian beauties, and it speaks volumes too. The right kajal is a must to use; should be long lasting and with vitamin E in it that helps soothe the eyes. Moreover, it needs to be smudge free and one that doesn’t cost a bomb for daily wear. A swipe of kajal on Indian black eyes is all that it takes to make an ordinary girl look like a diva in seconds.

Zuri recommends: Maybelline Colossal KajalEye makeup products 09

2. A smokey eye palette

Gorgeous black eyes made extra special and magical with a smoked up touch. For this the eye contouring needs to be done right, or else everything goes down in vain. Deck up the crease lines with blackish browns and the rest with matte blacks for the day or shimmer blacks for the night; don’t forget to blend the pigments well, or else the look turns out to be cakey and patchy. Wear your smokey eyes now with the right attitude, and keep the lips nude to balance the effect.

Zuri recommends: Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eye Shadow PaletteEye makeup products 10

 3. Eye liner pen

If you would not have the time to use an eye liner brush with a gel liner to get the winged and cat eyes liner look each morning, let’s make it easier for you to deck up soon and as per your wishes. Grab hold of an artistic eyeliner pen; we promise no smudges to happen and there wouldn’t be any mistakes on the width of the lining too. A swipe is all that’s needed and you are good to go.

Zuri recommends: Lakme Eye ArtistEye makeup products 11

 4. The best eyeshadow

For the corporate woman that wants a day look but doesn’t want the touch of loudness too, she should have the right cool toned eye shadow in her kitty. Wearing it comes easy when the perforation is easy, which is why, we would look at a branded eye shadow for the eyes, with a hint of shimmer to doll up with. Preferred colors would be in the neutral to cool tone range for the day at work- classy and elegant.

Zuri recommends: M.A.C Eye shadow pinkEye makeup products 13

5. Dark mascara

Long lovely lashes to bat an eyelid with, is every girls dream to have. We would want to have you batting more than just an eyelid; our aim is to have the twiggy look for the cuteness quotient to rise, and one that is not going to smudge. What you need then is mascara that stays long and is waterproof too; you never know when it rains tears of joy.

Zuri recommends: Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof MascaraEye makeup products 14



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