Cute Nail Art Ideas For Medium Length Nails

by Simran Gill

Here are some cute nail art ideas for medium length nails

The urge of looking pretty has turned into an everlasting and intensifying fashion. Nowadays, beauty salons are overflowing, all the time, with women getting skin treatment, hair styling, and to everyone’s surprise now with awesome nail art ideas.

Nail art designs trend of has caught the craze among most women and young girls. Nail art ideas come in loads of variations and styles that everyone, from a school girl to a grad student to a home-maker and a working woman can try them to add class and style to their nails. From beginners to professional nail artists, everyone can try these fingernail designs. These ideas are no more restricted to long nails.

Let’s look at a few nail art ideas that can be created using either the tools or the basic supplies around you. 

  1. Polka dots bow nail art: This one looks absolutely adorable. Polka dots and bows? Quite the combination. First paint all of your nails a nude pink shade. To achieve this cute look, use the back of a toothpick or a dotting tool to create white polka dots for all the nails except for the ring finger. Stick down a bow on this finger and seal everything with a top coat.nail art ideas 94
  2. Drip nails: It is one of another amazing, fun creating cute nail styles. The concept behind the idea is that you have to create the effect of dripping nail paint. You can easily do it with the help of two different colors, and after that adding white dots on the dripping nail shades to create a 3D visual effect.nail art ideas 95
  3. Flower designs: Flowers are a popular nail art today and a good starting point for beginners. You can also achieve these designs using this nail stamping tutorial. Choose your colors, the base and the color of the flowers. To make the flowers, make several dabs around the base color using the chosen color for the flowers. To create the centre of the flower, you can also use a thin art brush or a dotter. When the flower designs have dried, apply clear topcoat to finish.nail art ideas 96
  4. Golden glitter nails: Nail art supplies that are required for these nail art ideas are golden glitter and red glitter. Create a base by using a base coat and then use a thin nail brush to create the fall leaf. Make sure you use the fall colors to create this nail design pattern.nail art ideas 97
  5. Gradient nail art: Ombres and gradients are all the rage. So of course, people decided to incorporate them into nail art as well! Find two colors that complement each other well and paint them onto a makeup sponge next to each other. Dab it onto your nails. You should have ombre nails now! Go on, try it out!nail art ideas 98
  6. Rainbow nail art: The colors of the rainbow! What a pretty sight! Take your pick of bright colors and paint them horizontally or vertically. You can leave some of the nails in solid bright colors for added effect.nail art ideas 99
  7. Summer nail art: This nail art is absolutely perfect for the summer. Find a shade that’s close to what a ripe, juicy watermelon would look on the inside and a lime green shade. Paint them alternatively in your nails. Use your ring finger as the accent nail and create a watermelon. Seal it all with a top coat, and you’re ready to take part in the watermelon eating contest!nail art ideas 100
  8. Dream catcher nail art: Dream Catcher includes a white base decorated with different beautiful pictures and ornaments. You can catch your memories or have an abstract design, as you wish. The white colors as a base are such an awesome idea, and the glitters enhanced the beauty of this elegance.nail art ideas 101
  9. Jeweled nails: Jeweled nails look very classy and chic. The rhinestones and colored balls are easily available in the market. Use nail adhesives to stick them over your base coat and get creative with your nails.nail art ideas 102
  10. Bridal nail art: Here, acrylic flowers have been stuck along with pearls and stones on nails painted with transparent nail polish.nail art idea 103
  11. Spiral nail art: This pattern looks best when you have broad nails. You will require a white nail polish, five nail paints in different colors, a nail art brush, and a steady hand to draw this design. However, instead of going with different shades, you can also pick a single color and use it.nail art ideas 104
  12. Daisy nail art: A perfect and fresh look for the Spring, it remains a favorite just for how innocent and simple it looks. Apply a nude base coat on all the nails. With a nail striper dipped in white polish, create the petals of the daisies. Dot the centres with yellow and let it dry. Seal the nail art with a top coat, lest the petals fall off!nail art ideas 105
  13. Tie and dye effect nails: As the name suggests, Tie and Dye is the mixing of two or more colors together. You can try your own mixing techniques to get the amazing tie and dye design. But the best is the one in which colors are merged to create a lovely marble effect, and its gives such an elegant feminine look that everyone loves to have.nail art ideas 106
  14. French tip nail: Clean off nails, apply tape to whatever thickness you wish to have, apply a coat of nail polish to tip, carefully sprinkle glitter, let it dry securing the sparkles in place. Carefully remove the tape and you will have beautiful glitter tip nails.nail art ideas 107
  15. Bow nail art: One of the unique, colorful and different nail designs is the bow nail. It is a perfect match for parties and can be done simply with polka dots and nail appliqués.nail art ideas 108
  16. Floral rhinestones: This literally requires only one shade of nail polish. But if you want to make it look like a proper nail art, the secret is, bedazzle it! Use rhinestones as the petals and pink for the centre to create a floral design.nail art ideas 109
  17. Leopard print nail art: Animal prints on nails look very interesting, especially if it is the leopard print. Draw the prints only on the ring finger nail. You can draw these with the help of a fine nail art brush.nail art idea 110
  18. A Twisted French manicure nail art: A French manicure using a lavender instead of a white is what you need. You can also replace the lavender with any other color. Make a thin like of silver along the lavender and use small flowers to stick over them. If you have a fine hand, you can create the flowers yourself too.nail art ideas 111
  19. Sticker nail art: Stickers can be made at home by creating a design on a plastic sheet. Once dry, use tweezers to gently pull out the design from the paper and stick it over the base paint. This is an easy nail art design for a beginner.nail art ideas 112
  20. Heart beat nails: The heartbeat design is one of the extensively used design at a lot of places, such as an email signature, a tattoo or ring design, and now it is ready to be on your fingertips. But you can use greyish black color to draw a pulsating heartbeat on your fingertips. Get the red coat as a base to give it a realistic touch.nail art ideas 113
  21. Comic inspired nails: If you are a comic fan, then this chic comic art is definitely a rocking idea to go on with. The design features all sort of speech bubbles and polka dots, with a cool and rocking shades of white, pink, red and green.nail art ideas 114
  22. Mustache nail art: It is one of the lovely, cool nail ideas to add tiny mustaches on the tips of the nails. As a beginner, you should use a stencil to get the accurate shape, but you can go freehand once you are experienced.nail art ideas 115


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