25 Medium Length Hairstyles To Sport This March

by Simran Gill

25 Medium length hairstyles to sport this March

With the blazing heat continuing to have no mercy on mere mortals, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sport long mane and maintain them. Nonetheless, you don’t want to let go off your fashionable streak. So how about chopping your hair a few inches to be able to beat the heat, yet look fashionable.

Medium hairdos have turned into the “it” length which everybody has been going for the last couple of seasons, and without uncertainty’s regardless it going solid. The considerable thing about this length is that it suits practically every woman as it is a perfect length. You can make better hairstyles like buns, curls, and other hair styles. Hitting some place just between the collarbone and the jaw line, this ‘midi hairstyle’ is advanced crisp, and still sufficiently long to maneuver it again into an updo, as it considered the good hair length for all hair styles. 

  1. Soft & Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyles: Apply mousse to clammy hair, blow-dry and twist arbitrary pieces to make these free and exquisite waves. It’s great if you dye your hair for this hairstyle, it can add more beauty to your hair. Have short layers in front; that gives the perfect look to this style.medium length hairstyles 18
  2. Layering and a Headband Twist: This awesome serene look is made on the basis of a layered collarbone bob. Something as simple as a headband twist can perform both a decorative as well as a practical function keeping your long bangs off your forehead and serving the zest of this gorgeous eye-catching style for straight thin hair.medium length hairstyles 19
  3. Trendy Shag: The Shag is the ideal alternative for mid length hair particularly if you are easygoing, have wavy hair, and like it to look fixed and adorable.medium length hairstyles 20
  4. Blunt Medium Length Cut: This cut is not slashed into; it’s a work of art, the lovely shape that falls flawlessly with a couple of layers around the face at its best for a broad face. What’s more, it chips away at any face and is best for fine, straight and shiny hair.medium length hairstyles 21
  5. Long Bob: If you have fine to medium hair and are searching for a chic low-support style then this bob hair style is perfect. This hairstyle will keep you looking chic constantly and amazingly.medium length hairstyles 22
  6. Messy Updo for Medium cut: Finger comb your hair back into a messy bun or ponytail for a fun look that also adds volume.medium length hairstyles 23
  7. Blunt shoulder length hairstyle: This medium length hair style will work consummately on ladies with round appearances and characterized cheekbones. Style it with a centre separating and loose waves.medium length hairstyles 24
  8. Curled Mid-length hairstyle: Medium length hair styles can go anyplace, easygoing to exquisite and easy to carry. You can easily have this hairstyle but don’t forget to use sprays to stick your hair tight.medium length hairstyles 25
  9. Angled Medium Cut: Take advantage of angled styles and side parts when you want to give a pulled -together finished look to your hair.medium length hairstyles 26
  10. Poker Straight: Style your medium length hair poker straight with an inside separating for the ideal 90s look as the poker straight hair never goes from the list of trendy hairstyle. It is the one hairstyle followed by everyone, and especially Indians love these hairstyles. medium length hairstyles 27
  11. Medium Length with Side Bangs: Rock this staggering smooth exemplary hairdo yourself by basically rectifying your hair with a fixing iron, starting at the roots and working your way down to the closures with a brush, smoothly. To make more volume asks the beautician to add more layers at the finishes and the highest point of the hair.medium length hairstyles 28
  12. Mid-Length Layers: This trim is somewhat useful for ladies with fine hair who would prefer not to go too short, but this is perfect for medium length hair. Demand a mid-length cut with solid layers that begin at the cheekbone then follow further. While styling prep hair with lightweight volume item and blow-dry with a huge round brush that is necessary. Complete with a touch of serum so here are you ready.medium length hairstyles 29
  13. Bouncy Layers: Medium Length hairstyles often get a bad rap for looking flat and too “in transition”. With this style, layers are flicked gently with a straightener to add some body and dimension.medium length hairstyles 30
  14. Wild Layers: Multi-directional layers add volume and style to hair that is ceasing to define itself. Go for a blunt, shoulder length cut and ask for layers of varying lengths. You can liven them up by tousling your damp hair with some styling gel.medium length hairstyles 31
  15. Curly style with Side Bangs: Looking for a cute new style for your curly hair? Look no further than medium length haircuts with layers. They are long enough to remain feminine but short enough to keep things manageable. A deep side part and long side bangs are ideal for a youthful look.medium length hairstyles 32
  16. Spiral waves: Try spiral waves with the help of a straightener and some reliable styling product. You can also accentuate your spirals with some balayage hair color.medium length hairstyles 33
  17. V-shaped Mid-length cut: Have your hair cut in V layers. Style them in swoopy pieces back and forth. Let your style curl under the chin like a classic bob and cover those angles with voluminous black swept layersmedium length hairstyles 34.
  18. Shaggy Long Bob with Pastel Highlights: Bored to wear your gorgeous hair pulled back in updos? Set it free and get a choppy medium cut with textured ends. Lobs are now the most popular medium length hair cuts, especially the ones upgraded with pastel accents.medium length hairstyles 35
  19. Thick Mid-Length Bedhead: Medium length hair is marvelously versatile. This tousled, sexy bedhead look is easy to achieve.medium length hairstyles 36
  20. Choppy Medium Cut with Stacked Layers: Stacked short bobs showing off your nape are still in great demand, but you can also go with a longer length and try a cut with bouncy layers stacked on top of each other.medium length hairstyles 37
  21. Shaggy Thinned out Layers for Thick Hair: This is a face-framing cut with a wealth of bounce and body. The style features movement, volume, and it’s incredibly easy to style. Blow dry it, let it air dry, wear it down, put it up – experiment and find what is flattering.medium length hairstyles 38
  22. Asymmetrical Bob: If you prefer to wear your hair side-parted, try an asymmetrical choppy bob of medium length. Your hair will graze one shoulder and fall on the chest on the other side.medium length hairstyles 39
  23. Thick beachy waves: Casual, loose waves with shaggy ends offer the popular beachy hair look all year round. Overnight braids, a curling iron and even sea salt spray can all add waves to hair that isn’t naturally wavy.medium length hairstyles 40
  24. Shaggy Balayage Lob: The reason why so many medium haircuts for thick hair incorporate layers is because the thicker your hair is, the heavier it falls. Start with subtle layers introducing movements and make your locks look light and lively.medium length hairstyles 41
  25. Medium Flipped Layers: Medium length haircuts with layers are more fun in styling than one length styles. If you love texture and prefer it to sleekness, you’ll enjoy this two-tiered haircut that can be easily flicked, curled or blown out. Even if you decide to straighten it, it will still look quite interesting.medium length hairstyles 42


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