5 Must-Have DIY Nail-Care Products

by Mansi Kohli

Here are a list of must-have DIY nail-care products

We love our nails long and strong, or else flaunting the manicure and pedicures we have just done and invested in would go down the drain. Brittle and chipped nails are a sore to the eyes, and one doesn’t even want to flaunt them anytime. Don’t let this be your story, we are here to share with you a couple of very important nail care products to have at home, when you do DIY manicure and pedicure. The nail-care products mentioned here are must-haves to maintain the strength and health of your nails. Please read on and be well-informed.

1. Cuticle oil

Your nails need to be kept nourished or else it would turn brittle and would chip away easily too. This is what you don’t want happening, especially a week after you have got nail extensions or a French manicure.

How does cuticle oil help —

Cuticle oils can help restore the health and shine of your nails, and wouldn’t make the brittleness happen too. Invest in a pen cuticle oil dispenser, which wouldn’t run amok and stain your palms or clothes when you use it. The vitamin E from almond oil takes care of the nourishment your nails need.

Zuri recommends: The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oilnail-care products 02

2. A healthy hand cream

Not just for the hands, but for the nails too, which can help nourish the palms and the nails in one go and give them the best moistening touch, and a smooth supple note too. What you thus need is a cream that does its job right with essential moisturizers and a non-greasy feel, plus heal the cuticles too that are cracked and in need of nourishment.

Zuri recommends: VASELINE HEALTHY HAND AND NAIL CREAMnail-care products 03

3. An effective filer

Not just any filer would do for your DIY manicure and pedicure needs; what you need is a filer that would work to file the nails sharp and to keep them looking chic and in shape too. The filer needs to be portable and very dainty to house in your purse as well, which can be taken places as you travel and work on the go.

Zuri recommends: REVLON COMPACT EMERYL FILEnail-care products 04

4. A nail clipper set

Instead of scourging for individual items to help with the clipping, nipping and cutting or filing of nails, what you need is a nail clipping set that can be an all in one piece to help you save time and energy, working around to check for where is what. A professional set is what you should invest in, which should be small enough to house in your bag for travels too.

Zuri recommends: 8 IN 1 Nail Clipper Kit Nail Care Utility Stainless Steel Manicure Set Toolnail-care products 05

5. The perfect pink in mattes

For all the French manicuring that you so desire to have and flaunt, you need to have the right shade of matte pinks to wear on your nails. Once the filing and buffing is done, and when the extensions are set in place, a shade of pink so right would set the base with a gel coat. Upon this, you can do the French manicure you want. So get the right shade of pink first!

Zuri recommends: Stay Quirky Nail Polish Pamper Pink 533nail-care products 06

Now that you know which are the best nail-care products to help you keep the nails nice and beautiful, and strong too- stop at nothing from flaunting your beautiful nails.


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