20 tribal mehandi designs that will blow your mind

by Mansi Kohli

If you need inspiration, here are some gorgeous tribal mehandi designs that would wow you for sure

In the recent past, all things tribal and ethnic have taken the world of fashion by storm. Going back to the roots it seems has become an ‘in thing’ with most fashionistas, flaunting out their coolness and more. Not just haute wear and prêt a porter lines, cool chic accessories and hairstyles, shoes or lifestyle needs; we have tribal mehendi designs too taking the world of fashion and beauty by storm. If you need more inspiration on the same, here are a some gorgeous tribal mehandi designs that would wow you for sure. Take a look!Mehandi designs 183But first

How do you get going choosing a design that best suits your needs and personality? Remember, although mehandi design is temporary, it still holds high value and meaning to one and all. And that is why, it would be very necessary and important to get a design that best suits your lifestyle and persona. Take your time and look through the various designs we have here, and elsewhere too. This would give you an idea about the trending tribal mehandi designs you could choose from, and if you want one of them or not. 

Two things that make the right

The first and foremost thing to decide upon when choosing a tribal mehandi designs would be the personality you own or your personality to say so in simple terms. We know you love all things tribal and ethnic, and your mehendi too would be one of them which you want to pick, but check well if it goes with your personality or not? Taking in mind the personality you have, it would be easy to arrive at a decision as to which tribal mehandi design you would like to wear. And this is what would make the decision exciting and quick too.Mehandi designs 184Take also into account your likes and dislikes when deciding to wear tribal mehandi designs on your body. These are things that matter to you the most, so follow the gut instinct and deck the body as per your needs. There are many of us that love animals, and tribal mehandi designs emulating the same can be incorporated too on the same lines. 

Thumb rule here, when deciding to amalgamate your personality with the design you choose to wear, creativity is the name of the game to play by. This is the second most important point that one should bear in mind. Creativity would guide your instincts to find out the best collections that you consider as apt tribal mehandi designs to wear on your hands, your feet and any other part of your body.Mehandi designs 182Once again, there is a link between passion and creativity, and the twain always meet. You can be creative and simple, and don’t have to be extravagant and too loud in decking up the body with amazing mehandi tribal art and designs. Be diligent with your decisions and make the right choice.

Do let us know how you liked our tips and if these showcased designs on henna tribal art fascinated you or not?


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