10 Latest bridal makeup looks & skin care tips

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

Latest bridal makeup looks & skin care tips

It is one of the most special occasion in a woman’s life – her wedding day. Loaded with anxiety, excitement, joy and happiness, it’s a day for which preparations have begun long back. From the bridal trousseau to the wedding dress and jewelry, everything is done to the last detail. Makeup is essentially one of the most important things for the overall look of the bride. This depends on the dress she is going to wear and also her preferences.

Take a look at these ten bridal makeup looks and tips that we have for the to-be bride this season —

1. The not so bold pink and silver look

Since the season is going to be blistering hot, the makeup can look toned down yet bright and beautiful to give you that super cool and smart look. Go for pink lips with silver eye makeup if it suits the dress you plan to wear. Soft pink makeup on your lips and cheeks with heavy silver makeup on the eyes will definitely make you look like a diva on your special day.bridal makeup looks 102. A glamorous look with sparkle and smokey eyes

Smokey eyes and an Indian bride are a wow combination. This look can be taken a step further if some sparkle is added. Be it bronze, gold, silver or a color that goes well with your dress, a dash of glitter will transform you entirely. So look your sparkling best on the most important day of your life with your killer smokey eye look.bridal makeup looks 113. A traditional Indian bride with a modern touch

If you prefer to look the traditional Indian bride but with a modern touch then go for a dark eye shadow in contrast to your outfits. Highlight your lashes for more volume and curls. Heavy jewelry will complete the royal and elegant look.bridal makeup looks 13

4. A chiseled look is important

It is important to get a perfect chiseled look. Discuss this with your makeup artist. Go for a trial run if possible to figure out the final look. Contouring and highlighting will give the desired effect to your overall look.bridal makeup looks 145. Minimal is elegance personified

If you prefer keeping it simple and matching your makeup with the color of your dress, then go for it lady. A light makeup but with proper accentuation of your features will do the trick. Its definite nobody can steal the limelight from you, with your simple and elegant look.bridal makeup looks 156. A healthy glowing skin

It is important to have a skin glowing with health on your wedding day. Plan it out atleast two months before your big day. Go for regular facials, manicures, pedicures and skin treatments if required. Limit exposure to the sun. Relax and avoid stress as much as possible. Get enough sleep. Whatever you plan out, just don’t overdo it.bridal makeup looks 167. Hair care

Your hair is as much an important part of your overall look as your skin. Go for hair conditioning and masks at least for a month before your wedding. Summer season can make your scalp and hair oily, so take care accordingly.bridal makeup looks 178. Eyes

Puffy eyes can play spoilt sport to your entire makeup as it is not so easy to hide them. Getting enough sleep is essential to avoid them. If you are prone to it then use chamomile tea bags over the eyes instead of the normal ones. It will help in soothing the eyes and reducing the puffiness.bridal makeup looks 189. Buying the right makeup

Keeping the attire in your mind, make a list of makeup that you would need for your big day. Consult with your makeup artist as well. Buy good quality products. Test the products of a brand if you are buying them for the first time. Use it a few times before the wedding.bridal makeup looks 1910. Discuss each and everything with your makeup artist

When appointing the artist clear out everything at the start. Discuss everything in detail. Take a look at the sample work and also ask for a trial session. Clarifying everything at the beginning will help in avoiding any last minute issues.bridal makeup looks 20

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