The Beauty Uniform: Aashima Talwar

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Aashima Talwar is a writer by profession and a blogger by choice. Beautiful things and people inspire her. A self-confessed ‘positivist’ she loves to stay happy and positive all the time. Her blog – Be The Sassy Muse is all about loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. She believes that it is imperative to embrace your beautiful body – curvy or skinny, because you are born that way. Her mantra – ‘Try and be the best version of yourself. Only you have got the right to live your life your way! ‘

What is the most important thing you have learnt from your profession about skincare?

Go organic! You will feel the difference, your skin will feel lighter and better. I make sure that I use organic beauty products.Aashima Talwar 01

What is your daily skincare regime?

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and then putting on sunscreen. I also scrub my skin with oatmeal once a week. And every night, before going to bed, I cleanse my skin with lots of coconut oil to remove any trace of makeup. I then use a mild face-wash followed by my DIY moisturizer made of glycerine and lemon.

Has your beauty routine changed much over the years?

Yes, I have become more responsible towards my skin. Earlier, it was all about using fancy skincare products. But now, I try and use natural products available in my kitchen. I am a big fan of haldi and besan!Aashima Talwar 02

What did the women in your family—or any other important women in your life teach you about beauty?

My mom. She always says that go natural. She also taught me from a very early age that your hair is like tiny babies, who need a lot of care and protection and I should never neglect them. I pay a lot of attention to my hair!

Do you have any natural cures for breakouts or any other skin issue?

As I am a big fan of kitchen remedies for every skin and hair problem, I keep on trying a lot of things. To say goodbye to your blemishes and acne marks, mix honey, lemon and cinnamon in a bowl and apply the mixture on the spots and leave it for about 20 mins, before washing it off with warm water.

What is your most favorite makeup and skincare product?

My favorite makeup product is kajal – I feel incomplete without it! My favorite skincare product is body butter.Aashima Talwar 06

How do you style and care for your hair?

I use a lot of DIY hair packs, my favorite one being egg, heena and coconut oil. I use it twice a month for healthy locks. I also oil my hair twice a week for timely dose of moisturizer. I avoid conditioning my hair as they are already very silky.

Do you have any tips or advice for de-stressing?

Lie down on your back with your palms open and close your eyes. Think about anything that makes you happy and relax. Do this for 5 minutes every day before going to bed. Also, gently massage your eyes with an under-eye cream every night for a good sleep.Aashima Talwar 05

Who is your personal beauty icon and why?

Aditi Rao Hydari. She has a beautiful skin, most of the time she is without makeup, letting her skin breathe.

Finally, what is your overall beauty philosophy?

Stay happy! Also, think positive, it reflects on your skin.Aashima Talwar 04

Thank you so much Aashima!

(Photos courtesy of Aashima Talwar. Interview by Aarti Kapur Singh)


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