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Neha Bahl 3Neha is a young, vibrant & confident Media & Brand Communication Expert who believes that every experience in life teaches you something and she considers herself a good student. After working with various mid-level & big brands in Media & PR Industry, she is successfully running her own Brand Consultation, PR & Social Media agency from May 2015.

She completed her MBA (Marketing & HR) from IMT Ghaziabad & bachelors in Mass Comm from GGSIP University. She started off her career in PR with Educomp Playgroup unit and there after worked with various agencies like Madison PR, Blue Pigeon Image Management, UTV on Managerial & Team leader level. A go-getter in life, Neha is a chirpy soul who loves traveling, dancing & humming songs. She possesses leadership qualities which helps her to maintain a friendly & healthy relationship with her team & clients. She has been recently awarded by Ms. Adhuna Akhtar, Director, B Blunt India, as “Young Woman Entrepreneur, 2016”.

What is the most important thing you have learnt from your profession about skincare?

Being a Media & Brand Communication Expert, stress level is always high which shows up on my body, face & hair. Because we have quite abrupt timings I make sure that before leaving for office/meetings I apply a sunscreen on my face, arms & legs which are exposed to sun and then after 15 min or so apply little makeup on my face.Neha Bahl 1

What is your daily skincare regime?

Well, it will be a surprise for most of you, but till last year I hardly had a skincare regime. Just a cleanup in a month would make me happy. But from last year, I realized that taking care of my skin can be more beneficial. I start my day by splashing some cold water and letting that dry. Thereafter a clean up with aloe Vera face wash (Himalaya or Oriflame) and applying a sunscreen (SPF 50++ as per my skin & work type). Later in the evening, I again do a face wash. Before going to bed, I make sure that I do CTM (cleanser, toner & then moisturizing with a night cream or oil).

Has your beauty routine changed much over the years? 

Yes! I am a person who hardly experimented with anything. But now I take care of every single thing. From choosing the products to applying them regularly, my beauty regime has changed a lot.Neha Bahl 2

What did the women in your family—or any other important women in your life—teach you about beauty?

In my family, be it my grandma, mother or siblings, we have hardly used any artificial products for our skin/hair. They always taught me to use “homemade” remedies & eat healthy food like fruits, dahi, vegetables, drink loads of milk and water.

Do you have any natural cures for breakouts or any other skin issue? 

Yes I prefer to opt for natural remedies rather taking medicines.

  • To have a glowing & clear skin, I use fresh aloevera gel from the plant and massage my face for good 5-7 minutes & then wash it out with cold water.
  • Summers are here, I will be applying at least twice a week “Multani Mitti” paste with little oil & gulab jal (rose water) in it. It’s a great pack.
  • I try to put onion Juice (once a week) in my hair roots for hair growth.
    Neha Bahl 4

What is your most favorite makeup and skincare product?

These days my favorite beauty products are:

  • Cleanser, Toner from Dermatech Clinic
  • Aloevera Face wash from Oriflame
  • Foundation Mousse & Skincare gel from Lakme

How do you style and care for your hair? 

Well I am a very simple person and hardly do any hair styles. When I am at home and wish to look a little different then a hairband is my go-to. For haircare, I try to oil my hair at least once in a week with medicated oil. Shampoo my hair almost every alternate day as I have an oily scalp. Neha Bahl 5

Do you have any tips or advice for de-stressing? 

I go out for a drive during late evening hours with some music on. I try to take Hair Spa once in two months which actually makes me feel stress free. I start off my day with at least 35-40 min walk in some park for fresh air.

Who is your personal beauty icon and why?

I admire lot of people who are blessed with beautiful skin, hair or overall beauty persona. If I have to take one name then it has to be Kareena Kapoor as she has that natural glow in her skin. She looks fab with & without makeup.

Finally, what is your overall beauty philosophy?

For me beauty has to come from within. If your soul is pure, you hold up positive attitude toward life. Beauty can never be made, it’s by birth. Just LOVE Yourself!           

Thank you so much Neha!

(Photos courtesy of Neha Bahl. Interview by Aarti Kapur Singh)




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