Makeup Organization – How I Organize My Makeup

A simple guide on Makeup organization And Preventing Makeup Waste

Makeup organization is an art because it requires creative skill and imagination! When I began accumulating/hoarding makeup, I used to dump everything in one giant box & when it was time to find anything, I would have to ransack that whole pile of ungodly mess which would lead to an unbelievable amount of wastage of time

Two years ago, when we were in the middle of moving houses, I made a vow that I would not lug around my makeup that way anymore. So I went on a makeup organization mission to find reasonable items to store my makeup in & boy did I get lucky! The entire process was so fun & interesting because I realized that you can do so much with regular household items & the remaining stuff like acrylic trays, baskets etc can be easily found at the Dollar store.

So this was my plan for makeup organization – 

  • Toss anything old or outdated  
  • Sort & categorize
  • Simplify                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Did you know that makeup products have a shelf life?  Here is a cheat sheet of when to toss cosmetics – 

  • 3 – 4 Months (after opening) = Mascara, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow (powder)

  • 6 – 12 Months (after opening) = Lip gloss, Liquid Foundation, Concealer

  • 1 Year = Lipstick

  • 2 Years (after opening) = Powder Based Products (other than Eye Shadow)

For me personally, lipsticks were the hardest to organize mainly because I had lots of them & I wanted to store them in such a way that I could see their names rather than wasting precious time running through each and every shade in the bin! I found these amazing plastic containers at Daiso which costed me $1.50 per piece! At the end on one side, I filled in the container with 3 blushes for support to the lipsticks (and also because they dint fit anywhere else).Makeup organization 02

Next for the liquid lipstick, glosses, eyebrow pencil, mascara & last curlers I used a similar tray but in a larger size. All the products fitted in perfectly.Makeup organization 01

This is how compact they looked together –Makeup organization 04 Makeup organization 05 Makeup organization 03 Makeup organization 06
I have a desk with drawers and these containers fit perfectly inside, that’s how great the size is! Next, to arrange the blushes, highlighters, contour powder and individual eyeshadows, I used this plastic flat container. I had picked up these trays from Daiso to use in my refrigerator – mainly for storing food like cheese/fruits easily accessible to the kids.

But when I looked at the amount of makeup I had and how I could organize it better, this was the first thing that came to mind! I knew that these did not belong in the fridge! Now this container would also fit into my desk drawer easily.Makeup organization 10 Makeup organization 11 Makeup organization 13

For my loose powder, cream and liquid foundations, I used the same acrylic tray. I managed to fit in my concealer, pencil sharpener & beauty blender as well (please ignore how dirty it is :-p)Makeup organization 08 Makeup organization 12

A slimmer tray worked for my face primers, eye primer, setting spray, BB cream, liquid liner, gel liners and paint pots. This tray was to be used for soda/sparkling water cans for the fridge again. But I guess i had better plans for them 🙂Makeup organization 14 Makeup organization 15 Makeup organization 17

I ran out of the large acrylic trays and had only one of these thin ones remaining. To my surprise, my 3 eye shadow palettes fitted just fine. I also had these 3 palettes which I needed to fit in with the others, so I just placed them over the large MAC ones. I must say, I am a bit unhappy with this set up. So I will be on a lookout for a stand that would fit 6-8 palettes all together. The hunt is on!Makeup organization 18 Makeup organization 19

Finally, the exciting part! Makeup brushes! Most of you might know that in my past life (before the twins) I used to be a makeup artist. And since I was an artist doing bridals, I had to rush for different appointments in a single day. Which meant that there would be no time to clean them between shifts. So over the years I accumulated many many of them. Everyone seems to have mason jars at home – for smoothies, milkshakes, storing homemade ghee. So I used them for my brushes! One for my eye brushes, another for blush & contour brushes, a third for foundation brushes and a final one for lip pencils and eye pencils. I loved how cool they looked in the jars!Makeup organization 21 Makeup organization 22 Makeup organization 23 Makeup organization 20 Makeup organization 24
So this is my makeup organization – how I organize my makeup. It’s simple, easy and not expensive at all! All the acrylic containers put together must’ve cost me a total of $9 and the mason jars were for $10. How do you’ll organize your stuff? I’d love to hear about it!

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