8 Basic Makeup tools for Beginners

Makeup tools are fundamental to achieving a faultless look. This article will help in making the buying experience less intimidating.

You can’t build a house without the proper devices, and you can’t create a stunning makeup look without them either. A lot of makeup enthusiasts do not realize the importance of quality brushes, and this should not be so. Makeup tools are fundamental to achieving a faultless look and using the right brushes and sponges will make your drugstore makeup products look like high-end brands. This article will help in making the buying experience less intimidating.


My personal sponge of choice is the egg shaped sponge, commonly known as the beauty blender. They come in all price points and are designed to help you apply your makeup to tricky areas like under the eyes, corner of lips or around your nose. Another option is to use disposable sponges especially if you are someone who doesn’t wear foundation on a regular basis. This would mean less time spent cleaning them and less chance of retaining bacteria.Makeup tools 01


There are as many makeup brushes as there are makeup products. The brush terrain can be mind-boggling—and extravagant—with price having a lot to do with the materials involved. Brushes made with animal hair, for example, will be more costly than those made with synthetic fibers, but the latter won’t necessarily be more effective. Good brushes feel soft and full and should not shed hairs on your face when you’re using them. You only need brushes for the types of products you’ll be using the most. My 7 most universal makeup brush essentials are —

  1. A flat shadow brush
  2. An eyeliner brush
  3. A fluffy blush brush
  4. A slanted contour brush
  5. A slanted eyebrow brush
  6. An eyeshadow smudge brush
  7. A fluffy shadow blending brush

When shopping for these brushes, you’ll find that they all come in slightly different variations. For example, eye shadow and blush brushes come in a variety of shapes & sizes, so choose the one that works best for your eye/face shape.Makeup tools 02


Taking care of your brushes properly will allow them to last for years especially if you’re going to invest in the expensive ones. This means routinely cleaning them with a gentle liquid soap like baby shampoo. Run some warm water and add a bit of soap or shampoo to a bowl and swirl your brushes until the water rinses clear. Try not to let the soap and water reach the handle as it might make the glue near the bristles and handle loosen up. Squeeze the excess water out of the brush heads and reshape them with your hands. Let them air-dry lying flat on a table. Another option for quick brush cleansing are the instant brush cleanser sprays that work great when in a pinch, especially when traveling. Makeup tools 03


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