How To Achieve The Perfect Eyebrows

How can you tell if you have the perfect eyebrows for you?

  • First, look at yourself closely in the mirror.
  • Study your eyes and brows and then completely cover your brows with your index fingers.
  • Look at your eyes again. Do they look better with or without your current brows?
  • If the answer is ‘without’, this says that your brows are doing more harm than good to your look. 
  • Book an appointment with a brow specialist, who will be able to design the perfect eyebrows for you.perfect eyebrows 01

How to achieve the perfect brows

Have you ever been told to start your eyebrows from an imaginary line upwards from your outer nostril or from the inner corner of your eye? In this scenario, if you have a wide nose or flared nostrils, you should start your brows closer to your eyeballs, with a huge gap in between. Right? Wrong!

A harsh arch in the wrong place can create a puffy eye & uneven brows are the right ingredients for a drooping or lopsided face. Likewise, a gap that is too big between a set of brows can actually make a nose look really big. That is why having the perfect eyebrows is essential. The correct brow can make eyes look bigger, rectify unevenness, straighten your nose & make your face much more striking. In other words, the correct brow is important in making a beautiful face and therefore makeup.

The easiest way to achieve a foolproof brow is to follow a few small rules & three long lines – 

  1. Everyone has different-sized nostrils & noses, so your imaginary line must follow the natural line of the outer bridge of your nose. Got it? That is where your first brow hairs need to start! Then you can de-mono-brow all you like on the other side of this line.
  2. Now, from that bridge line, draw another line that passes along the outer rim of your pupil and upwards. This is the highest point of any arch or height of the brow. This incline should smoothly follow the natural shape of your own brow. It’s important to note that the arch isn’t in the centre of the brow—it is very much off-centre, making the eye longer, sexier and with no ‘surprised’ look!
  3. Finally, again, from the bridge line draw a line to the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end.perfect eyebrows 02

Brow Tips – 

  • Your brows must suit you! If they don’t, get them shaped by a professional.
  • Trim any extra-long hairs on your brows, but ideally, this would be done by your brow expert.
  • Always check brows from the side—use a second mirror to see your profile view.
  • Match your brow pencil to your brow hair color, not your desired hair color, as the difference would be too obvious.
  • If you lighten your hair color on your head, then consider lightening your brows.
  • Don’t wax your brows on the day of an important event, because wax removes a light layer of skin and makes it impossible for foundation and eye shadow to adhere.


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