How To Choose A Foundation For Your Skin Tone

What an intimidating task buying a new foundation can be. We at Zuri will help decode how to choose a foundation for your skin tone

What brand do you go for and once you’ve decided, will the girl behind the counter be able to help you choose the right one from their range?

Don’t panic. The key, as with anything is to be better educated about what you want in the first place. Because most of us don’t have a clue about the science of foundation we just go with whatever the exuberant consultant promises is just right for us.

I think it is best to start with choosing the right formula, and only then selecting the right color.How To Choose A Foundation 05


First of all have a good look at your face, how much do you really want to cover the skin you have? As much as I like the idea of an impeccable look, I also like the raw look so it ends up being a bit of a compromise. If you only need a little bit of evening out to be completely flawless then how about a tinted moisturizer? Think you might need a little bit more than that, then a foundation with a light coverage will be right for you. Foundations usually come in light, medium and full coverage.

Next you need to notice your skin type – how dry or oily your skin is, as if you have quite a dry skin, you can select a moisturizing foundation and if you have very oily skin it makes sense to choose an oil free formula and there are foundations for skin somewhere in between.

Last but not least you need to decide on the finish of the formula you want. Do you want a dewy sheen to your skin, something in the middle or completely matte?

I’ve found most oil free formulas tend to have a more matte finish and the moisturizing formulas give you that bit of a sheen, which makes sense, and of course, there will be something in between.How To Choose A Foundation 01

Ok, so you’ve had a good look at your skin and you know, for example that you want a medium coverage foundation, which is moisturizing and gives a little sheen to the skin.

Your perfect combination might come in a liquid form with one brand and in a cream compact form with another brand. Which is better?

The right delivery of foundation is whichever you like to work with best. You are looking for the most flawless, natural look you can get so if you can apply your foundation better as a liquid than a cream then go with it. There are also, as I mentioned earlier, tinted moisturizers, powder foundations, mineral foundations and I’m sure there are more being added to the list as we speak.

The next thing to do is to find out who has exactly what you are looking for. So start asking. Maybe MAC has this perfect combination for you, maybe L’Oréal or maybe it’s Maybelline. I personally don’t have a brand preference as long as they give you what you want.How To Choose A Foundation 02


Firstly, don’t try it on the back of your hand! And don’t try it on your face! We naturally tend to have slight deviation of different colors on our face, so which one to go for? I recommend that you try out your colors on your collarbone,

Even if you yourself are not happy with your natural color, please do not be tempted to adjust your coloring through your foundation. Buying a color either lighter or darker than you will make your skin look gray or ashy. This can also make the whole you look darker as it creates a contrast between where the foundation is applied (and this is often done in a mask like way on the face) to the rest of you. 

If you have an olive complexion (which is most Indians have) then your skin will have a yellow undertone. Applying the perfect color foundation for your natural skin tone and adding healthy color through blusher and bronzing powder, is the way to go. If the foundation vanishes in your skin, then that particular hue is your skin tone.


Ok, so now you’ve got your perfect foundation, how are you going to apply it?

Remember, the goal is to look as flawless as possible whilst looking as natural as possible. Therefore if your skin doesn’t need perfecting all over your face, then don’t put your foundation all over it. 

To apply your foundation you can use your fingers, a foundation brush or a sponge. If you are using a sponge then you will need to wet it first and squeeze out the excess water. My favorite sponge is the Beauty blender. Remember to wash your sponge after use.How To Choose A Foundation 03

  1. Normally I start by putting the foundation on the nose and the cheeks
  2. Next to the nose as generally speaking this is where women tend to have more imperfections like large pores, thread veins, rosacea and a few blemishes, etc.
  3. Then I blend outward so that the formula gets thinner and thinner as you reach the edge of your face.

Ideally you want the edges of your face like your jaw, hairline and chin to have very little or no foundation. This avoids that awful tide mark and gives a much more natural look. Do, of course, put a bit more foundation where you need it though. And voila, you are now wearing the right color foundation and it’s looking as natural as it can be.How To Choose A Foundation 04


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