How To Choose A Concealer For Your Skin Tone

Concealer is a wonderful tool & something that every woman should have in their makeup kit. Here are some tips on how to choose a concealer for your skin tone

So, how to choose a concealer? Well I have a love/hate relationship with concealers as I feel when it’s done well it is wonderful but more often than not, it is used badly and is too obvious and therefore I would prefer it was not used at all.How To Choose A Concealer 05

My theory is that most of us are not models whose image is viewed after being touched up in Photoshop. Instead, the make-up that normal women wear has to look good throughout the day at every angle and in every lighting.

Piling on concealer under your eyes to hide your under eye circles will firstly be obvious and secondly, as soon as you’ve smiled a few times will gather in the creases that are made as you smile. It doesn’t look good.

So what is the answer? You are more likely to be a busy woman and maybe a mum too, and have no time to retouch makeup throughout the day.

What do I do? Most days I don’t use it, instead I use my regular foundation under my eyes too. And if on any particular day my under eyes look more tired than normal, I apply another layer of foundation under the eyes. So I swap the completely dark circle free eyes for slightly less dark under eye circles that will stay looking like that all day with no creasing and no need for touch ups. After putting on the rest of my makeup, my dark circles are less obvious anyway.


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It’s only when you wear it for a while that you know how much your concealer is going to crease and how quickly, so if you get a chance, try it out at the makeup counter first.

If it’s for under your eyes then please don’t choose a color that is much lighter than your skin color. I know the idea here is that you want to brighten the eye area but most of the time if you go much lighter, then you will just have these silly looking white half moons under your eyes, or if you have very dark under eye circles, it might end up giving a grey look under your eyes.

Instead, you can go just a bit lighter than your foundation color but if you are choosing a concealer to cover up blemishes on your face then please choose a concealer that exactly matches your foundation color.How To Choose A Concealer 03
How To Choose A Concealer 04


To apply a concealer you can use your fingers, a sponge or a concealer brush. With all methods of application you want to use very light patting movements with just a little bit of blending out.

If you are applying your concealer under the eye then bear in mind that we normally need it on the inside corner of the eye too, roughly where your tear duct is pointing. And we normally don’t need it under the outside half of our eye as dark circles tend to be strongest under the inside corner of our eye and get less and less the more outward they go.

This allows you to put less makeup on which better helps us achieve that natural look, and it’s in this outside underneath area of the eye that we tend to have crows feet (wrinkles etched in the corner of the eye) so the less makeup we have here to accentuate them the better.

Always put your concealer on after your foundation or the action of applying the foundation will blend away some of your concealer.How To Choose A Concealer 02

It is always a good idea to put a little foundation on your eyelids as this helps the eye shadow last a lot longer (like an eye primer) and it allows the true color that you are wearing to be seen. 

Apply it as you would your concealer, very gently, you don’t want to tug and pull that delicate eye area. Mostly you only need it on the actual lid area and crease, not directly under your brow.

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