How To Apply Highlighter Makeup in 2021

People frequently ask me to tell them what face shape they have, but I always say that more crucial than knowing what face shape you have is to know how highlighter makeup and shading work.Highlighter Makeup 01

There are a few face shapes that are generally talked about. Square, oval, pear, heart etc and it is nice to know what your face shape is closest to so the application of highlighter makeup is better understood.

So sitting in front of a mirror, pull your hair back off your face and fasten it so that you can see your entire forehead and then compare your face shape with those depicted.Highlighter Makeup 02

This is just a bit of fun. What you must do, however, is to compare your face shape to the oval shape. Imagine the oval overlap over your face, what are the differences? If you need to broaden an area then you need to highlight it.

Techniques Of Applying Highlighter Makeup –

For highlighting areas you need to use light, this can be in the form of light itself that reflects off shimmer or gloss or glitter or it can be a light color which can be in the form of a concealer or a light powder, or for eyes a light color eye shadow. So you want to use any highlighter makeup where you want to plump up an area, widen it or bring it forward.

For shading you need the opposite, so where light shines you want to matte it out and where there is lightness of color you need to add more intensity. This is what you use if you want to decrease an area. If you are talking about contouring the face I like to use a bronzing powder as long as it doesn’t have too much shimmer in it, or even better in my opinion is a matte darker pressed powder.Highlighter Makeup 06

So you are looking in the mirror with your hair pulled back and in your mind’s eye you can see an oval shape superimposed over your face.

Where are the differences? Maybe your forehead is quite square so to make it more oval shape you need to round off the corners a bit. Take your non-shiny bronzing powder or your dark pressed powder and with a big brush you need to work the product into the corners removing any shine and deepening the color.Highlighter Makeup 03

How To Highlight The Face – 

Make sure you start with just a little bit of product; tap your brush if you like to take off any extra and then brush it on with small tender strokes. You can always add more. Do the same with the rest of your face. If you have a pear shaped face then the bottom half of your face will be wider than that of an oval so where this difference is, is where you will do your shading.

I would just be careful using anything with a frosty quality anywhere that you have flaws or lines, as the tiny light reflecting particles will highlight those imperfections. What else do we have around the cheekbone area? Crows feet. These will be more obvious if you are applying a frosty highlighter over them. Generally speaking I like to use as little product as possible over the area that crows feet appear but if you really want to wear highlighter makeup on your cheekbones then just purchase a non-frosty one if you do have fine lines.

If your jaw line could be a little tighter then you can also shade under your chin to recede any fullness in this area. If you want to thin the appearance of your nose then you can add a shading product down either side. Highlighter Makeup 05

I love makeup, it is such an instant mood lifter but your makeup brush is not a magic paintbrush, we still have to be ourselves (thankfully) but makeup can help us look a little more perfected. The more you enjoy practicing the better results you will get.


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