How To Apply Eyeliner – Tips & Tricks

Eyeliners give intensity & definition to your eyes. Here are some tips & tricks on how to apply eyeliner

Lining your eyes with a light color is crisp & imaginary, while a dark color is powerful & more refined.How to apply eyeliner 30

Types of eyeliners –

Pencil eyeliners smudge easily & are great for lining the inner rim of the lower eye. You can also use them to get color right into the base of the lashes. And, if you are not quite sure what you are doing and make a mistake, they are easy to rub off.

Liquid eyeliners come in jars, bottles, and tubes, often with a brush. Liquid eyeliner gives you a precise line. it takes a little practice to get the hang of it, so don’t get discouraged on your first try.

Cake eyeliners come in pans, like eye shadows. To use them, wet an eyeliner brush & rub it into the cake to make a paste. Then apply the paste to the base of your lashes. Dot the paste into the base of the lashes for a smooth, more simple look, or draw a line for a sharper, delicate look.

A white pencil can be applied to the inner rim of the eyes to enlarge and whiten them.

Gel eyeliner usually come in little jars. They are applied just like cake eyeliners but do not need to be mixed with water, as they are velvety. Gels need to be applied quickly, because they dry fast. They are also impermeable and stay on well.How to apply eyeliner 33

An angled brush is perfect for applying a thicker line on your lid and for smudging.

An eyeliner brush has short, tapered, firm hairs that allow you to control the placement and line of your liners. How to apply eyeliner 31

How to apply eyeliner –

To apply any type of eyeliner to your upper lid, begin at the outer corner, as this is where the line should be the thickest. It will also allow you to evaluate how much color you have on your brush (if you are using a liquid, cake or gel eyeliner) or how heavy the pencil is (if you are using a pencil eyeliner). From the outer corner, bring the eyeliner in and toward the inner corner.How to apply eyeliner 32

To line your lower lashes, rub the pencil or brush into the base of the outer corner. Then blend inward, keeping the line thinner under the pupil & in the inner corner. To smudge pencil liner, rub it with either a cotton swab or a pencil brush.


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