How To Apply Eyeshadow – Choosing Textures

Here’s how to apply eyeshadow by choosing the right textures for you

Eyeshadow is a product that I find many women have a huge selection of, of which they only use a small fraction. The trouble is that most women don’t know that you need to look at two other qualities in the eyeshadow as well as the color.

  • Depth of pigmentation
  • FinishHow to apply eyeshadow 07

How To Apply Eyeshadow – Best Way To Test Them 

You are looking around the cosmetics department and you see a stunning eyeshadow that you just have to have. You impatiently unwrap it at home and start to apply it to your eyes. But the color is very weak, you can hardly see it. So you apply some more, and some more and some more. Unfortunately, the depth of color is nothing like what you seen in the container.

There are also eyeshadows that give too much pigmentation and you find you are just too klutzy and the depth of pigmentation just can’t be buffed in enough which gives lumpy dark patches.

What you need to do is try on the eyeshadow at the store before you buy it. At least try it on the back of your hand but ideally, get the consultant to put it on your eyes and use a hand held mirror to watch as she applies it. You will be able to see how simple or hard it is to get the desired depth of color.

How To Apply Eyeshadow – Finishes —

Whilst trying it on you will also be able to see the eyeshadow’s finish which is the second thing you need to consider. There are 4 main finishes to eyeshadows – 

  1. Matte
  2. Satin
  3. Frost
  4. ShimmerHow to apply eyeshadow 05

Matte is pretty self explanatory. A satin eyeshadow has a very soft sheen to it. A frosty eyeshadow has a very obvious gleam to it and a shimmer could have its basic make up as any one of the previous 3 but it also contains glitter pieces which makes it shimmer.How to apply eyeshadow 06


Unless you are a teenager I advise you to stay away from the frosty eyeshadows.

The quality of a frosty eyeshadow has many many light reflective particles which are very very tiny. This gives it its glimmer. In itself it is extremely pretty which is why we are often captivated by it but unless you have extremely youthful skin, those tiny light reflective particles will settle into every crease, highlighting it! Put another way, it will amplify your lack of youth.

Unfortunately because these eyeshadows are so pretty, women of all ages tend to buy them, a lot. I am always saddened when shopping for eyeshadows at the amount of eyeshadows that are frosty.How to apply eyeshadow 09

Seeing as I have warned you off the frosty eyeshadows you might think that I am going to warn you off the shimmery eyeshadows. But I’m not going to. Not all of them.

Remember I said that a shimmery eyeshadow’s basic makeup could be matte, satin or frost but it has added glitter pieces. Well, if the base of the shimmer eyeshadow is matte or satin then I would say feel free to buy it.

The glitter pieces that make it shimmery are much larger than those in a frosty eyeshadow and much fewer and will therefore not coat your imperfections and highlight them.

It should go without saying, though, that shimmery eyeshadows are not for regular day wear but are only for special occasions.

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