The Easiest French Manicure Nail Tutorial

The French manicure is a classic style designed to replicate the coloring of the natural nail.

If done properly, it can make a short nail look longer and slimmer and can be tailored to suit any skin tone by using variations on the classic pale pink shade.

To achieve the best French manicure you will need —

  • Base coat
  • Nail polishes in pale pink and white
  • Top coatFrench Manicure 02

An accurate, steady hand is required when painting a French manicure tip. Stencils, kits and false nails with pre-painted tips can all make things easier, but applying a white tip with a polish brush takes some practice. Use a thin artist’s brush to improve accuracy and keep the look understated by following the smile line – the line between the main area of the nail and the nail tip. Keep the white tip in proportion to the size of your nail bed; short nails look best with a thin white tip, longer nails can afford a thicker tip.

  • Apply a base coat to the nail, not forgetting the underside of the free edge. Apply one coat of pale pink nail color while the base coat is still tacky.French Manicure 03
  • Using a smooth, confident motion, paint a white tip and seal the free edge. Do not paint underneath the nail. Apply a second coat of white if desired.

            Top tip: Practice smooth, curved shapes with white polish on colored paper before attempting the white tip on nails.French Manicure 04

  • When the white tip is dry, sandwich it with a second coat of pale pink, painting under the nail and sealing the free edge.
  • Lock in the manicure with a glossy top coat, again painting under the nail and sealing the free edge. Allow to dry. 

French Manicure 05


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