5 Surprising Anti-aging Makeup Tips

Here are 5 surprising Anti-aging makeup tips that work wonders

As your face ages, its shape, skin tone and features can all change dramatically and the makeup routine that’s served you well all your life may not do so any more. With a few simple anti-aging makeup tips, you can update your look and enhance the areas of your face that need a boost.

SkinAnti-aging makeup tips 01

Always moisturize before applying your base to plump up the skin and temporarily smooth out those lines.

Your skin may be showing some pigmentation. While the temptation is to go heavy on the concealer and foundation, an overly made-up look can really age the face. Focus concealer only on the areas of really uneven tone and leave the rest of your skin as natural as you can get away with.

Skin loses moisture with age, so if you’ve always used powder formulas, switch to cream or liquid foundation and blush to avoid a chalky finish. Powders also settle into lines, emphasizing rather than hiding them.

Using a primer will also help to smooth out lines. Seek out illuminating foundations or BB creams that will reflect the light, giving the illusion of glowing, youthful skin.

If you want to use a powder to set your foundation, make it a loose, translucent one.

Use shadowing to hide sagging by dusting a light touch of matte bronzer along the neck and jaw line.

Anti-aging makeup tips – EyesAnti-aging makeup tips 02

To avoid emphasizing fine lines, steer clear of shimmer, glitter and metallic eyeshadows.

Very pale matte colors will also age you, so look for soft, well-pigmented matts in natural tones such as taupes, plums and muted olive.

Contouring around the eye socket becomes less defined as the lids begin to droop. To replace some depth, open your eye really wide and use a neutral color on an eyeshadow brush to trace along the socket line where the eyelid meets the bone, gently blending. These secret anti-aging makeup tips does wonders!

LashesAnti-aging makeup tips 03

The lash line will lose color as lashes get sparser; a good trick is to dot a bit of eyeliner pencil very low between the lashes to give the illusion of thickness at the roots.

Curling the lashes also helps to open up the eye and give a lift to heavy lids. Mascara is your best friend as you age and the one product you should never leave out; look for volumizing formulas.

Strip lashes are too much, but for an evening look try out individual lash inserts or corner lashes. They can be tricky to handle at first, but once you have mastered the technique you’ll find they give a really natural-looking fullness.

BrowsAnti-aging makeup tips 04

As you age, the brows get thinner and loose shape, especially if you over-plucked them when younger. Growth serums are great for helping regain some natural thickness.

You can cheat fuller brows. If you have a few patchy areas, try a brow powder a shade lighter than your natural brow to fill in gaps without a heavy finish.

If you have lost shape completely, a very sharp brow pencil can be used to gently sketch in small strokes that mimic natural hairs. Never draw on black color, and keep it slightly lighter than your brow or hair color.

You can also get semi-permanent brow pens with a super-fine tip that give a similar effect and last really well.

Anti-aging makeup tips – LipsAnti-aging makeup tips 05

As you get older the lips can become thinner, lose fullness and lack definition around the border. Warm, peachy shades are the most flattering on lips and cheeks. Avoid pale pinks and very dark colors.

Use a lip liner and gently buff on color. Don’t create a harsh line. Use the liner on the whole lip and gently around the edge, filling out any uneven areas to give definition and prevent color from bleeding.

Follow with lipstick and, to finish, add a light slick of gloss to create the illusion of volume.


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