9 Tips To Building Your Own Bridal Look

The subtle, classic bridal look will always be a wedding day staple, but many modern brides want to make more of a statement.

When all eyes – and camera lenses – are on you, it’s sometimes worth considering taking the natural bridal look up a gear for classic glamour that’s high-impact yet never trashy.

1. Prep and prime skin thoroughly before makeup application to ensure that your makeup lasts all day. Use foundation first, then concealer; build up the foundation from the centre panel of the face, sweeping out towards the hairline in thin layers. Use a cheek highlighter to create a dewy finish. Set the base with a mineral veil powder.

2. Add a light bronzer to warm the skin tone. I also used a darker bronzer below the cheekbones to contour the face.

3. Define the eyebrows with brow powder and an angled brush, using short feathery strokes to build up the shape.bridal look 01

4. Shade your eyes using three tones of light, medium and dark eyeshadow. With a foam applicator, highlight the inner corner and brow bone with a light shade. Choose a medium-warm color to contour the socket, then add a deep shade on the outer lid and into the socket. Blend all of these using a clean, soft blending brush.

5. Add a black eyeshadow along the top and bottom lash lines for a smoky effect, then apply waterproof mascara.

6. Add false lashes along the top lash line, then use a black liquid liner to create extra depth between the lid and the lash.bridal look 02

7. Use a soft rose blush on the cheeks. Brush a little over the eyes to bring all the makeup colors together.

8. Apply base and powder over the lips, then use a red lipliner to define the shape and fill in the lips completely to create a base. Powder lightly, then apply a soft red lipstick using a lip brush. These steps will help your lipstick last longer.

9. Finish with a light mist of makeup fixing spray to ensure your look lasts all day and throughout the evening’s party.bridal look 03

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