How To Do A Smoky Eye in 6 Easy Steps

A smoky eye can add drama and sophistication to any look. Here are 6 easy steps to help achieve the look

Smoky eye is a classic, sexy style that suits everyone, but it can be tough to master. The key is to prep well, build color up gradually and blend like your life depends on it!

For a really dramatic eye you’ll use a lot of dark product, so try applying your eye makeup before your foundation. This way, if specks of dark powder fall onto your cheek you can easily wipe them away without taking any base off.Smoky Eye 03


1. Start with a clean eyelid and build up your base, beginning with a primer to help your eyeshadow stay on longer. Using a kohl eye pencil, apply it to the outside half of the lid, then use a soft eyeshadow blending brush to work it in.

2. Take a grey powder shadow and apply it over the kohl, extending it beyond the edges and blending well. Next apply your lightest eyeshadow powder, taking it right into the inner corners of the eye and up to the edge of the grey, blending the two colors.

3. Use the brush to place black shadow in the outer corners of the eye, leaving a strip of grey in the centre. Take the black out and up slightly towards the tail of the eyebrow, blending as you go.Smoky Eye 01

4. Clean up the edges by wrapping a tissue around your finger and using it to dust away excess powder. Add more of your palest shadow above the black and up to the brow bone, to highlight.

5. Try blending a small amount of dark metallic shadow into the centre of each eyelid to create depth. Using an eyeshadow blending brush in circular motions, make sure that you don’t have any harsh lines and your colors blend.

6. Take a kohl liner close to the top lashes and inside the lash line on the bottom lid. Using a fine liner brush with black powder, create a line beneath the bottom lashes and blend. Finish with black mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Smoky Eye 02

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