A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Fuller Lips

Here are a few tricks which can help you create the illusion of fuller lips and depth

We all long for a luscious bee-stung pout, but full lips such as this only seem to come naturally to the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie. As we age, the lips get thinner and the top part of the upper lip – known as the Cupid’s bow – begins to flatten, making the pout less pronounced. But there are a few tricks which can help you create the illusion of youthful fullness and depth.


1. Dryness or dehydration will make lips look smaller, so start by exfoliating and moisturizing. Apply a little lip balm during preparation, but make sure the lip is clean and dry with no oils before you begin applying color.

2. Some lip colors look better with a lip primer underneath, which helps to show the true pigment of strong colors and prevents bleeding over the lip line.

3. It’s better to use light, translucent lip colors to creating fuller lips. If the color is too creamy or too matte it will flatten the look of the lip, making it look smaller and too harsh.

4. Use a good, pointed lip brush and apply a clean line to the outside of the lips. Smooth the color over the shape of your lips and carefully into the corner of the mouth very cleanly, making sure it stays just within the lip line.

5. Take a sharp lip pencil around the same tone or a touch darker than your lipstick color and draw lightly around and slightly over the lip line to sharpen and improve the shape.

6. Use a lip highlighter or lip maximizer over the cupid’s bow to give the illusion of depth. Finally, blend the outer line into the skin around the outside of the lip for a softer finish & creating fuller lips. 

The Perfect Red LipCreating Fuller Lips 03

Bright red lipstick certainly makes a statement and many women use it as part of a strong signature look. Red lips can look classy or vintage, and they can also be very cool. Once you’ve mastered the technique to achieve a flawless finish with staying power, the red lip can be a fantastic way to add a touch of glamour to any makeup look. Pair it with a simple slick of mascara to let the lips do all the talking or go bold by teaming it with a smoky eye for high-impact evening glamour.

The most important parts of the process are prep and layering because if you just grab a red lipstick and apply it from the bullet, expecting it to stay put, it won’t and you’ll end up with smudges all over your face and faded patches where the lips meet.

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