How to Apply Mascara For Maximum Length and Volume

Mascara is everyone’s number one way to add definition to the eye. Here’s the best way to apply several coats to “build” lashes that last

I propose applying several coats of mascara, to define and open your eyes, because layering your mascara creates the most breathtaking definition. If you have allergies or are worried about getting teary-eyed, you can make any formula waterproof by layering your regular mascara with a layer of waterproof mascara.Mascara

Here’s the best way to apply several coats to “build” lashes that last —

1. Begin by curling your eyelashes with a crimp-style curler; this opens up the eyes and makes them appear larger and more youthful. 

2. Pull the mascara wand out of the tube and wipe the brush against the opening of the tube or on a paper towel to remove excess product. Do not be afraid of cleaning too much product off—there is plenty on there!

3. Apply the small amount that is left on the brush to your eyelashes.

4. Using an eyelash comb, comb your lashes before the mascara dries. This will help keep your lashes well separated and prevent them from clumping.

5. Let each coat of mascara dry between applications. This can take a couple of minutes, so be patient, but each coat must be completely dry. If you do not wait for each layer to dry, your lashes will clump.

6. After one coat is dry, pull your wand out, clean it off, and apply your next coat. The trick to mastering multiple-coat application is being sure to apply very thin coats, letting each dry completely between layers. Mascara 1

Here’s a trick to try:

If you don’t use mascara on your lashes, be sure to smudge your eyeliner really well, because it breaks up the line and makes it look much more natural. Remember that defining your eyes always makes your eyes look more young. 

For thicker lashes: Start at the base of the lashes and hold your wand in a horizontal position, working it from side to side, as you work your way up to the end of the lashes. The particles will attach to the sides of your lashes and make them appear thicker.

For longer lashes: Hold your wand in a vertical position. Starting at the base of the lash line, pull the wand up and out to the end of your lashes. The particles will attach to the ends of your lashes, making them appear longer.

If you want both—simply apply multiple layers, using both techniques. Don’t forget: If you want to waterproof your lashes, use waterproof mascara for your final layer.Mascara 2

I have sometimes heard from clients that their mascara smudges and smears, even with a waterproof formula. Chances are, the mascara is not sticking to your lashes. There are a couple of things to try: First, you have to powder (with loose powder) under your eyes, to set your foundation and concealer. Not setting the two can cause your mascara to smudge. Second, you need to make sure the mascara can grab onto your lashes. When you apply moisturizer and eye crèmes, avoid getting them on your lashes (it’s very easy to accidentally do). If you do, the mascara can’t adhere to your lashes, and it will smudge.

Quick Tips:

I always find that, when I pull a mascara wand out of its tube, it has more product on it than I want (especially because I like to layer), regardless of the formula. Be sure to clean the excess off your brush before you apply mascara.

Be certain to coat your lashes with mascara at the inner and the very outer corners of your eyes.These are two areas that many women miss. Two or three thinly applied coats of mascara are far more effective than a single clumpy one.

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