How To Apply False Eyelashes For Beginners

If you really want to highlight your eyes, or if your natural lashes are thinning with age, you can always wear false eyelashes. They can be fun to play with for a memorable occasion or a special night out

Use false eyelashes, instead of depending on heavy eyeliner and overly vivid eyeshadow, to define the eyes at the lash line, when you want more theatrics. False eyelashes are available in strips, individual flares, and single strands. Strip lashes are the most commonly used and are readily accessible. I know that applying false eyelashes can seem terrifying, so here is an easy, infallible way to apply strip false eyelashes. Despite your makeup IQ, this approach will work for you and look natural. False Eyelashes

Follow these easy steps :-

1. Curl your natural eyelashes. If your natural lashes grow straight out and down and you don’t curl them, the false lash will also lie straight out and down. Definitely not our goal, so curl first.

2. Lay a mirror on the table or counter in front of you and look down. This puts your lid in the ideal position; you can see what you’re doing, and you’ll be much more relaxed waiting for everything to dry in this position than you would be if you were holding your chin up and looking into a wall mirror.

3. Draw a thin line across your upper eyelid right along your lash line with a black eyeliner pencil. This helps you to see where to place the lash and also helps camouflage the lash band. Also, if you don’t get the false lash in place precisely against your natural lashes, no one will know, because the liner guarantees that no skin shows between your natural lashes and the false ones.

4. Shorten the outside end of your false eyelashes to fit the width of your eyelid. Strip lashes are usually too broad for most eyes. Trimming them will help them fit better and feel more appropriate.

5. Apply eyelash glue along the false eyelash band. Allow the glue to dry for a minute, so it becomes slightly sticky, then place the lash right on top of your eyeliner. Using a pair of tweezers, push the lash right up against your natural lash line.

6. Once the glue has dried, apply a coat of mascara, to blend your natural lashes with the false ones.False Eyelashes 01

If you’d like to wear false eyelashes that are a bit more natural than a strip, individual flares and single strands look much more natural. Individual flares are pretty easy to apply. Here’s how:

1. Follow Step 1 and 2 mentioned above.

2. Apply a layer of mascara to give your natural lashes more volume and make it easier to attach the false lashes.

3. Squeeze a dot of lash adhesive onto the lash packaging. This way, you can just dip your lash into the glue. Using a pair of tweezers, grab a flare or single strand. Now dip the root end into the adhesive.

4. With adhesive on the end of the lash, lay it right on top of one of your own lashes, with the root of the false lash as close as possible to your natural root. Continue all across your lash line, one flare or strand at a time.

5. When the adhesive has dried, apply another coat of mascara, to blend everything together.False Eyelashes 02

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