How To Do Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are sometimes called “droopy eyes,” because the lids tend to look heavy and partly closed. Here are some tips on the best ways to accentuate them.

Hooded eyes can either be congenital or those that you obtain. If applied accurately, eye color can help hooded eyes appear prominent by diminishing the eyelid.

Below are some tips on what you should NOT do if you have hooded eyes —

• DO NOT use a dark eyeshadow over the entire lid. It will make the eyelid appear heavier and your eyes will look closed and small.

• DO NOT highlight the brow bone too much; this can emphasize the hooded appearance of the eyelid.

• DO NOT apply your shimmery highlight shade over the whole eyelid; it will just make your lid look even more hooded.Hooded Eyes 01

How to apply makeup for hooded eyes —

1. The Highlight Shade: Apply to brow bone and along the upper lash line. Also apply to the inside corner of the lower lash line. This will open up the eyes more.

2. The Mid-tone Shade: Start at the outside corner of your upper lash line and bring the color up and over the entire hooded area. This helps the lid diminish, by pushing the lid back and bringing the eye forward. Blend the areas where the mid-tone color meets the highlight color. Apply your mid-tone along your lower lash line; start from the outside corner and brush across toward 3/4th of the inside corner.

3. The Contour Shade: Start at the base of the lash line and bring the color up and over the hooded area, layering it on top of your mid-tone. Do not bring it as far across as you did your mid-tone, but definitely come half way across the lid. Next, sweep your contour color underneath the lower lashes to define the lower lash line, starting from the outside corner and blending your way across. Don’t miss this step! Hooded eyes really benefit from well-defined upper and lower lash lines.

4. Apply a white kohl pencil in your waterline to open up the eyes even more.

5. Using an eyelash curler, curl the lashes and add a volumizing mascara. Let it dry and follow up with another coat.Hooded Eyes 02


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