7 Best Bridal Makeup Ideas For An Evening Bride

If you like to look elegant, an evening wedding allows you to go for a more striking makeup look. Here are some tricks on the best bridal makeup for an evening bride.

This is the time of day for the bride to razzle-dazzle. Every photograph will be taken with a flash, which definitely makes a variation in your choices.Best Bridal Makeup 01

Makeup ideas for a gorgeous looking evening bride–

• If you have less than spotless skin, this is a great time for you. You can wear more foundation and powder and still look natural.

• To achieve the best bridal makeup, make sure to use a bronzer liberally to give your skin a sheen. One thing that helps is “sculpting” your face, because it will add color so the flash will not wash your skin out, and it adds proportion. Proportion is important because the flash can also flatten everything out when being photographed.

• Keep the skin matte with the help of translucent/loose powder. Dab it with a brush on your T-zone to avoid any unnecessary shine on the face. 

• Your eyes, face, lips, eyebrows should all be well defined because all photographs will be taken with a flash. More defined does not mean darker. For example, some women do not wear blush on a daily basis, but on your wedding day you will need at least a little color on your cheek because of the flash. Make sure to give your lips a nice definition with a lip pencil. 

• Shimmery eyeshadow will photograph well for later part of the day, but you should not wear frosted shadows for this time of night. Frosted eyeshadows make you look too shiny, especially when a flash is used! A shimmery shadow always looks gentle and graceful. Just make sure that at least one of your three shades of eye shadow is matte. You never want all three shades to shimmer, because the eye will look too glossy in pictures.

• I feel that false eyelashes are a must for a nighttime wedding, because they help characterize the eyes really well. Just remember that every picture will be taken with a flash, and the more definition you have at your lash line, the better you will photograph. If you choose against wearing false lashes, layer your mascara with a lengthening and volumizing formula.

• If a smoky eye look is one you are interested in wearing, evening is a perfect time for this eyeshadow application technique. Just pair the smoky eye with an almost nude lip color.Best Bridal Makeup 02



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