8 Natural Bridal Makeup Tips For A Morning Bride

If you’re planning a morning wedding, your makeup look should seem smooth and elegant to match the tranquil, delicate morning light. Zuri brings you 8 natural bridal makeup tips for the morning bride.

Mornings are perfect for the simple bride, because it’s the time of day when you could wear the least amount of makeup. I find that most brides who are getting married in the morning are having the ceremony outdoors. Even if they are getting married indoors, the photographer will be taking benefit of the natural luminous light coming through windows to get some stunning pictures.Natural Bridal Makeup

• Though a matte foundation is flawless for photographs, a morning bride can choose to wear a mineralized foundation with a slight sheen or dewiness to it, because the light is so supple. Make sure that your skin has been taken care of weeks before the wedding so that there are no dry patches that might be enhanced after foundation/concealer/powder application. This will ensure that you get a natural bridal makeup. 

• If your skin tends to break out, I would not choose this time of day for your ceremony. You are going to want to wear as little foundation and concealer as possible due to the delicate raw sunshine.

• Go light on the translucent powder so your face preserves its natural appearance. You want your skin to appear matte, but it does not take a lot of powder to accomplish this. Too much powder can appear heavy and fake, especially in the first part of the day.

• Do not make daring eyeshadow color choices for your eyes if you are having a morning ceremony. Choose mild, soft shades that consummate your eye color. This is the one time you will want to wear barely any shadow, because the lighting will emphasize any harsh colors or lack of blending.

• Make sure to define your eyes really well at the waterline to help them stand out. Another option would be to wear false eyelashes and applying lots of mascara.

• If you choose to wear eyeliner make sure to keep it subtle and soft. Use a brown eyeliner and smoke it out with a brush for this time of day.

Lip color should always be soft and natural like nudes and pinks. Nothing too bold (no reds or burgundy) at this time of day. If it is too bold, it will be all you see in the photos.

• Everything will photograph deeper than it appears to the eye, because the light is so soft. So go with softer shade choices.

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