The 10 Most Epic Tips On How To Apply Lip Color

Lip color can do so much for you in your journey for beauty. Follow these tips to learn how to apply lip color

The right shade can make your lips full and young, whereas the wrong shade can immediately age you and make your lips look thinner. Lighter shades make your lips look fuller, while darker shades make your lips look narrow. Fuller lips always make you look sensual and ravishing. So our goal is to play around with your original lip shape and optimize the size of your lips. 

If you have fair/pale skin, the fastest way to look older is to wear dark lipstick. (Not so for women with tan/ebony skin. Because the depth of your skin is deeper, you can pull off a darker shade without looking older.) For a youthful look, go for an intense, cheerful, more colorful shade of lip color.

I am certainly not saying that you cannot wear a rich wine, fuchsia pink or bright red lip color—you can. Just be sure it is the a shade that matches your skin tone. Be sure the intensity of color will not make you appear sallow. Counterbalance for the extra depth by adding color to your cheeks and making sure your eyeshadow shades are softer in deepness.Lip color

Choosing The Formula For Your Desired Lip Look —

Glossy is always stunning as it makes your lips appear fuller. If your lips tend to be parched, stay away from matte lipstick. Although the formula lasts longer, it can make your lips look and feel even more dry and flaky. Cream formulas are always a reliable choice, because they tend to work in just about any condition and comprises of plenty of moisture. 

When choosing the shade of lip liner, always choose the same shade as your natural lip color. This shade gives you definition and will match with ANY lipstick, because it is the exact same shade as your natural lips. Putting on lipstick straight from the tube in not the best idea. I would strongly recommend to always use a brush to blend your lip liner toward the center of the lips.

How To Apply Lip Color —Lip color 1

• To keep your lips looking luxurious, exfoliate them at least once a week. Apply a lavish layer of lip balm to your lips, let it soak in for a few minutes, then take a smooth toothbrush and brush your lips. If you don’t have a toothbrush handy, rub them with a paper towel gently. The balm softens the dry skin so that when you rub your lips, you will remove the dry layer of skin, leaving the lips supple and velvety.

• I like to use a little lip balm on the lips before I apply lip color, because it helps the lip liner and lipstick go on evenly. Apply the lip balm just before you start applying your makeup. Just before you are ready to apply lip color, blot off the excess by pressing your lips on a paper towel. This gives the balm time to soak in. Blotting the excess off will help extend your lip color’s wear time.

• Lip pencil helps prevent lipstick from smudging, but don’t stop once you’ve lined your lips. Be sure to blend the liner on the entire lip, so that when your lipstick wears off, you are not left with just a tacky outline. A lip brush will help give you a more precision and help your liner and lip color blend better.

• Begin the application with a V in the “cupid’s bow,” or center curve of the upper lip. Just follow the natural curves of your bow. Then, starting at the outer corners, draw small, feathered strokes to meet at the center. Don’t worry if the line is not steady—you can use a lip brush to blend the line and make it look more legitimate.

• For the lower lip, first draw a line on the lower curve of the lip, then make the same feather-like strokes from the outer corners inwards. Then blend with a lip brush to make the liner look its most spontaneous. Your lips are now ready for you to apply your lip color.

Applying the lipstick with a brush usually takes more time but also helps the lip color last longer. For more intense color, apply it straight from the bullet, but it will be harder to cover the small, detailed areas of the lips. If you do apply lip color straight from the bullet, make sure you go back over it with a brush for a better blend.

Being in the makeup industry since 10 years, I have learnt some spectacular tips and tricks on how to make lip color last. I have found that there is one way that really works perfectly and keeps your lips feeling their most graceful —Lip color 2

1. Conceal the entire lip with concealer/foundation. This helps hide any discoloration outside your lip line and creates a blank canvas for you to work on.

2. Using the side of the lip pencil, line the outer edges and then fill in the entire lip area for a more even application. This is the first line of defense in getting your lip color to last. Lip liner has a drier texture than lipstick which helps make it last longer.

3. Next, apply your lipstick, then gently blot your lips with a tissue. Blotting removes the humidity from this layer, yet leaves a deposit of lipstick pigment giving it a matte like texture. Reapply again but do not blot now. Layering color like this provides double the pigment deposit, which helps it last much longer.

4. Finish with a dab of lip gloss in the center of the lips, to attract light and make your lips look fuller and plumper.

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